Tuesday, August 4, 1998

Child Inquisition

Child Inquisition
August 4, 1998

A week ago two 15 year old Kiryat Arba boys were arrested, taken to prison,
and from then on, held incommunicado. Until this afternoon no one was
allowed to speak to them. Except their inquisitors. This afternoon their
attorney was given some time to converse with them in court. However their
parents were forbidden to speak to them.
Last night, immediately following the conclusion of the Tisha b'Av fast two
more boys from Kiryat Arba were incarcerated, under the same conditions as
the first two.
Kol Yisrael - The Voice of Israel radio at 12:00 tonight, headlined the
"continued investigation of the new 'underground' in Kiryat Arba."
According to the report, "after a week of intensive investigation, one of
the boys admitted to setting fire to three Arab cars in Hebron." One of the
four was released and placed under house arrest for 48 hours. One of the
other two was remanded in custody for 24 hours and another for 48 hours.
The judge reprimanded the Israeli intelligence inquisitors for neglecting
to check out an alibi of one of the boys, an alibi which it seems, checked
So, there we have it. The Israel news media has officially proclaimed the
existence of a new Kiryat Arba underground movement. One of the boys,
following a week of inquisition finally fell apart, broke down, and
'confessed.' The good guys have, once again, conquered the forces of evil
stemming from the terrorist compound known as Kiryat Arba. The forces of
evil being 15 and 16 year old youth.
This new inquisition is being carried out by the "Shabak" - Sherutei
Bitachon Klalli - General Security Services. The Shabak, presently headed
by Ami Ayalon, is usually responsible for preventing terrorist attacks
against Jews and trying to catch the would-be murderers before the act.
However, since Israel has, by abandoning so much of Eretz Yisrael to the
terrorists themselves, thereby creating cities of refuge, totally
inaccessable to Israeli intelligence services, it seems that these men are
bored, and have nothing better to do than weed out 15 year old Jewish
But, there is one fact that must be made clear. Ami Ayalon, Chief of the
Shabak, is responsible to one person, and only one person. That person is
the Prime Minister of Israel, Benyamin Netanyahu. Ayalon could not hold
these 15 year olds captive in his cells of Inquisition for a week without
Netanyahu's full knowledge and, explicit approval. The Chief Inquisitor is
not Ami Ayalon. It is Benyamin Netanyahu.
I have no idea whether or not these boys actually perpetrated any of the
crimes they are suspected of having committed. I do not, for one minute,
believe, as I've been told by others, 'where there is smoke there must be
fire.' The Israel Shabak, with all the credit it deserves for past
successes, has also been proven to be corrupt and in some cases, even
criminal. Minister of Defense Yitzhak Mordechai was framed for murder by
the Shabak well over a decade ago. Had the truth not come to light, the
Defense Minister might still be rotting in a military jail, having been
sentenced to life imprisonment. Israel radio's revelations of a major
'confession' can not be taken at face value. Most adults would not be able
to withstand the procedures utilized by the Shabak to induce confessions.
Not to speak of 15 or 16 year old youth.
What I do know is that the unfathomable brutality applied by Jewish
security forces against Jewish children in the State of Israel cannot be
described as criminal, because criminal is too gentle a term. It is nothing
less than an Inquisition. A week of such inquisition is pure,
unadulterated torture. And the primary torturer is none other than a 'right
wing' Prime Minister, elected by the Israeli right to mend the torturous
ways of his two predecessors.
Earlier today Israel radio commentator Moshe Negbi, a hard hard left wing
legal analyst, condemned these tactics, calling them a violation of basic
human rights, unheard of in a democratic state. He went on to say that such
treatment in unthinkable when applied to anyone, but how much more so when
activated against children.
The Kiryat Arba municipality sent a letter to all residents of the
community, asking them to contact MKs who are actively involved in
protecting children's rights. They are: Rubi Rivlin - 050-233818, Maksim
Levi - 08-9234924, Shaul Amor-06-6547165, Mudi Zandberg-04-8373531, Yitzhak
Cohen-07-6738063, Avraham Hirshzon-03-6429193, Zev Baum-07-6815335, Haim
Dayan-06-6545465, Pini Badash-07-6469394, Shmaryahu ben Zur-09-7712470,
Avner Hai Shaiki-03-6426660 and Yael Dayan-03-5272611.
If you call any of these people from outside Israel, dial first 972 and
leave off the first zero. Also, don't pay any attention to the time
difference (7 hours ahead of NY). Wake them up. Ask them why they have been
sleeping all week long, when kids have been held in terrorist cells like
Arabs who kill Jewish children. Ask them why these kids haven't been able
to meet with a lawyer or their parents for a week. Ask them why Arab
murderers roam free while Jewish youth are held captive like terrorists.
But, in my opinion, the person who should be bothered the most isn't on the
list. He is the only one who has the power to OK such a child inquisition.
That is the Prime Minister himself. Fax him and address the letter to Mr
Inquisitor. Fax: 972-2-651-2631 or call Tel: 972-2-670-5555. Tell him what
you think about those who torture Jewish children.

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