Thursday, June 8, 1995

What s it all about...Yitzhak?

What s it all about...Yitzhak?
June  8, 1995
Rabin and Peres are still at it, promising  changes  in  IDF
deployment throughout Yehuda and Shomron in the   very  near
future.    The  target date of July 1, supposedly  signaling
agreement of the  next phase  of the Oslo  piece accords  is
around the corner, three weeks away.
      Where does Hebron stand in this massive confusion?  If
Jerusalem  s  status was to be officially determined  during
the   interim  period  then Jerusalem would most  definitely
constitute  the  heart of the present  situation.   However,
being that  officially  Jerusalem is not yet on the chopping
block,  Hebron remains the  major obstacle to  piece.   Why?
It  is  very simple.  According to the Oslo agreement, Rabin
promised  Arafat  to  redeploy  the IDF in all  major  Arab-
populated  cities  in  Yesha, i.e., to  evacuate,  i.e.,  to
withdraw, i.e., to surrender. He also promised (BEWARE: when
Rabin  promises to Arafat he complies - when he promises  to
Israelis,  he  lies!) not to pull the  IDF  out  of  Jewish-
populated  areas,  as well as not to evict  Jews  or  uproot
Jewish  settlements during the  interim  period.   The  ONLY
major  Arab-populated city, which is also populated by Jews,
is  Hebron.   If  Rabin keeps his promise  to  Arafat,  what
happens  to the Jewish Community of Hebron?  If Rabin  keeps
his promise to the Jews, what happens to Arafa and the piece
      Judging  by Rabin s record, he is more concerned  with
appeasing  Arafat than the Jews.  On the other hand,  if  he
attempts  to  uproot the Hebron Jewish Community,  he  knows
that  thousands of Israelis throughout the country will come
to  Hebron s aid.  And even though it was Rabin who shot  at
the  Altelena, he isn t presently interested in beginning  a
Civil War.
      So what is Rabin s solution?  He is attempting to make
life  as  difficult as possible for the Jewish residents  of
Hebron hoping that eventually people will leave of their own
accord. (He has no idea how wrong he is.) He has brought  in
a  huge  police  force to protect the poor  Arabs  from  the
rampaging, bloodthirsty Jews.  As a matter of fact, many  of
these  police  are not Jewish - some are Arab and  some  are
Druse.  Why bring in non-Jews?  Simple - it s much easier to
order a Goy to hit a Jewish woman or child, than a Jew. They
have  absolutely  no  compunction about carrying  out  their
orders  - and why should they?  Not that their aren  t  Jews
that  would  do the same thing - and have.  (At  the  moment
there  are  four indictments pending against  policemen  for
police  brutality against Jewish Hebron residents, including
one  against  an officer who purposely ran his  car  into  a
pregnant  woman, causing her to give birth two weeks  before
she  was supposed to.)   The new police unit responsible for
Yesha, called  Mifkedet Shai (Shomron and Yehuda) has asked
General  Ilan  Biran,  commander of the  Central  Region  in
Israel,  to sign an order allowing police to arrest children
from the age of 9, and not 12, as the law presently permits.
Alek Ron, Commander of this special force has been quoted as
saying  that  Hebron s children  commit the  most  atrocious
crimes  of  all children in Israel.   They therefore  demand
special  treatment.    (It seems that  he  never  reads  any
newspapers  or hears the news - (lucky fellow)  and  hasn  t
heard about the drug problems infesting the country, or  the
prostitution rings, etc. etc. (He s not the only  one.  Last
Succot,  after  several  youth  were  arrested  by  Ma  arat
HaMachpela and brought before a judge, he said,  if they had
been  in Tel-Aviv and not Hebron, they wouldn t be here  [in
my courtroom] today. )
      In  any  case,  this  example  of  discrimination  and
persecution  of Jews, and of Hebron residents in particular,
must not be allowed to continue.  And not just because it  s
happening  in  Hebron.  That s the problem -  because  as  I
mentioned  at  the  beginning of this article  -  officially
Jerusalem   isn  t  yet  on  the  chopping   block   -   but
unofficially...- and anything that the present junta can get
away  within  Hebron will seem like child play if  and  when
they  move on - to the Golan, Jerusalem...  We must not  let
them.  Send your protests to:
They  must be stopped now, before it s too late - and don  t
fool yourselves - these people are serious.

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