Sunday, February 25, 1996

Unity - At What Price?

Unity - At What Price?
February 25, 1996

                This morning, following the announcement of the second bomb blast, I hazarded a guess that today would be remembered as ‘black Sunday.’  Since then, with the number of dead and wounded sky high, it would seem, unfortuntely, that I was right.  Today really is ‘black Sunday’.  So far, 25 dead, 14 still unidentified, (at 3:15 pm - almost nine hours after the explosion), and tens in critical condition.  Over 80 people were wounded. 
                On such a day, the name of the game should be unity.  Bibi called for unity, at least until the conclusion of the traditional seven-day mourning period.  Shimon Peres actually complemented him for that.  But, I have no choice but to ask, both Bibi and the rest of the Jewish world, unity at what price?
                Shimon Peres, during his press conference early this afternoon, was twice asked whether the redeployment in Hebron would continue as planned.  His contradictory answer, both times: “Today is not the time to deal with anything but matters at hand.  However, Israel will meet all of her obligations and follow the timetables determined for redeployment.  We will fight the Hamas-Jihad terror at all places, at all times, using all the tools at our disposal.”
                What kind of convoluted response is this? Shimon Peres -
1.  If today is not the time to make decisions,  why do you continue to proclaim that redeployment in Hebron will continue as planned?
2.  Why must Israel continue to meet all its ‘obligations’ towards the palestinian authority while the p.a. continues to ignore its obligations to the State of Israel.  Major Israeli security officials including Amindror reiterate time after time that Arafat has done nothing to eradicate the terrorist infrastructure in Gazza, and that he has no intention of doing so. 
3.  Why, if according to your claims that Isael will fight terror at all places, were we told, in Hebron, by General Gabbi Ofer, that IDF soldiers will NOT BE ALLOWED to enter palestinian-controlled territories in Hebron, even in response to a terrrorist attack from within these area against Jews in Hebron?
4.  If you are willing to use ‘all tools’ at your disposal, then why don’t you use redeployment?  Presently, there is nothing Arafat wants more than Hebron - it is the last major city in Yesha still under Israeli control.  If you stop redeployment in Hebron, Arafat will feel the heat. 
5. Shimon Peres, what are you more concerned with - Israeli life or the peace-plan timetable?

Is this the unity we are to bow down to?  Unity specifiying the

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