Wednesday, February 26, 1997


  February 26, 1997

“Have you seen the press services - the news is out.”
“Don’t be so worried - they only did it to a sheep.”
“Yeah, but with the way leaks are here, well, you know”
“Look, as long as we keep our mouths shut, what can possibly happen?”
“But, you know, if we did it, and they did it, maybe someone....”
“Shut your mouth and your mind - don’t even think it - that would statistically be impossible.”
“But even so...”

When the time the news hit the world that Dolly was actually cloned  - an adult sheep reproduced exactly as another, a literal ‘carbon copy,’ just about everyone was amazed - and shocked.  The President of the United States immediately appointed a commission to study the moral and ethical implications of such science on mankind.  Little did they know....

(Back in Israel)
Anchor Man Haim Satum: - following an interview with Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu:
The Prime Minister looks tired - worn out.  The affairs are beginning to eat him away.  Let’s look at his history since the election.  First, the Ariel Sharon-David Levi affair. Meeting Arafat . Then the September war. The redeployment in Hebron. And on top of that, the Baron-Hebron affair. 
It looks to me like Bibi has had it.  He is ready to throw in the towel. 
There are rumors that he is in the process of plea barganing  - if any of you remember - Spiro Agnew style.  Some kind of clemency in return for his resignation. 
Sources close to the Prime Minister  report that he is thinking of leaving the country the first chance he has - he may not come back.
We go to our political commentator - Haim Glass:
Haim, how do you explain this change in Netanyahu - from the self -assured, confident man elected less than eight months ago?  Isn’t this quite amazing?
Haim Glass: (Chuckling off stage - ‘if only they knew!’) “No, it is not amazing.  What is amazing is that he managed to fool so many people for so long, and actually managed to win the election.  Now we are seeing the real Benyamin Netanyahu.  Truthfully - this doesn’t surprise me.”
Question: Haim, what do you see for the immediate future?”
Haim: “Bibi is on his way out - within a month he will be gone.”

The Prime Minister’s Office
“Hey, Bibi - did you see that - Haim Glass says you’re out in a month, after Satum’s interview with you.  I didn’t know he interviewed you today - did he?
Bibi: No, of course not - another lie, another scandle.  Did they show excerpts from the interview?
Aid: They sure did - and, sorry to say so, but you looked terrible.
Bibi: It just can’t be - I didn’t speak to Israel TV today.
Aid: Nu, Bibi, come on - what do you have, a twin brother?

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