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July 26, 1999

Today will be recorded as an infamous date in the annuls of Jewish-Israeli history. This day may be recalled as the commencement of Arafat's assault of Jerusalem, strange as it may be, less than a week after Tisha b'Av, the day we mourn the destruction of the First and Second Temples. Historians will probably have difficulty explaining the inexplicable: How was it that the Jewish leadership of the Jewish state actually opened the door to our archenemies and invited them to besiege us!? And ironically, at the same time as the foe was greeted, the friend was expelled.
What am I talking about? This afternoon Abu-Ala, the otherwise called Ahmed Qurie, Chairman of the Palestinian Legislative Council in Gazza, visited the Knesset at the invitation of Israeli Knesset Speaker Avrum Burg.
Who is Abu Ala?
According to an official PLC web site ( Abu-Ala was born in Abu Dis, Jerusalem, Palestine and spent 14 years in banking until 1968 when he devoted his time completely to the FATAH Movement. He was heavily involved in the "FATAH" Movement from its early beginnings as a member of its Revolutionary Council until he was elected as a member of its Central Committee in 1989.
Aside from these past terrorist activities with the PLO, Abu-Ala is now an articulate spokesman for Arafat's policies. Late last December, Abu-Ala, being interviewed by Arafat's daily newspaper in Gazza, El-Hayat el Jadidah, defined the borders of the 'soon-to-be created' palestinian state. He said then that they would be determined, not by the June 4, 1967 pre-Six Day War borders, but rather, by United Nations resolution 181. UN resolution 181 dates back to November 29, 1947 and is more commonly recognized as the 'partition plan' which divided Eretz Yisrael into 'an Arab entity and a Jewish entity' in his words.
Abu-Ala said, "the fact that we didn't take advantage of that resolution then doesn't mean that the it is invalid today." What Abu-Ala ignores is that Ben Gurion accepted the partition plan, not because he liked it, but because he had no choice. The Arabs rejected it and declared war on us. From November 30, 1947 until December 12 of that year 79 Jews were killed in Israel. From November 30 until December 31, the number rose to 200 Jews murdered by Arabs. On May 14, 1948, with the declaration of the Jewish State of Israel, they officially declared war, with the intention of wiping us off the map. That was the Arab reaction to UN resolution 181.
What other gems has Abu-Ala come up with? (ZOA Press Release: July 22, 1998)
The Jerusalem Post reported on July 13, 1997, "Qurei walked over a freshly burned Israeli flag during a protest in Ramallah [on July 12, 1997]...A TV camera caught Palestinian protesters burning an Israeli flag as leading Palestinian Authority and PLO officials watched. Witnesses said Qurei smiled as he watched two Palestinian men burn the flag and then stepped over its charred remains.
"If Israel does not honor the agreements, the Palestinians will also ask for Haifa, Jaffa, and Safed [cities within Israel's pre-1967 borders]...The response to the continuation of the occupation will be more dangerous than the intifada...the arms available...and the organizing is better than in the past...The alternative to peace will be bad for the Israelis, something which they do not want. The Palestinian people will oppose the occupation, from children to adults, including the Palestinian police. The Israelis must know that the Palestinians have many options and choices." (Qurei, in an interview with the Tunisian newspaper Al Sabach, quoted in Ha'aretz, December 6, 1996)
Asked by the BBC Radio on February 17, 1997, what the Arab response would be if Israel built houses in the Har Homa neighborhood of Jerusalem, Qurei replied: "No doubt there will be an explosion."
"Abu Ala, one of the Oslo accord's architects, threatened if Palestinian demands are not met, 'We'll take a different route and return to the past.'" (Jerusalem Post, June 5, 1996)
In an interview with the Cairo radio station Sawt Al Arab, "Qurei called for a firm Arab stance to prove that there would be neither peace nor normalization of relations between Israel and the Arabs if the Jewish state continues its settlement activities in the Palestinian land." (Xinhua News Agency, Aug. 5, 1996)
Asked by the BBC Radio on February 17, 1997, which parts of Jerusalem should be negotiated between Israel and the PLO, Qurei replied: "Not East or West--Jerusalem, the whole of Jerusalem."
And the list goes on and on and on.
It is also interesting to understand WHO invited this terrorist to visit the Israeli parliament. Perhaps this is the place to interject a short, true story, appropriate to this date and time.
In the late summer of 1929, in the midst of the riots and massacre which left 67 Jews dead in Hebron, an Arab landlord named Abu Zeini, on his way to Jerusalem, returned speedily to Hebron, to the home of his Jewish tenants, Rabbi Ya'akov Slonim and his family. Seeing a bloodthirsty mob approaching the house, he stood on the steps outside, blocking their way. He refused to allow the other Arabs into the house, telling them that they would have to kill him first. A knife blade was placed against his throat, drawing blood, but not causing any real damage. Finally the mob went elsewhere, and Rabbi Slonim, his wife and daughter were saved. The daughter, Rivka Slonim, later married Yosef Burg, an important Israeli Israeli politician with the National Religious Party. He served as a minister in several Israeli governments. Yosef and Rivka Burg's son is the present Speaker of the Israeli Knesset, Avrum Burg.
What are Avrum Burg's thoughts concerning Hebron? A few years ago, following Netanyahu's election, Burg participated in a live television interview broadcast from Hebron. On camera, his Hebron counterpart, Rabbi Hillel Horowitz, welcomed Burg back home to Hebron, the city of his direct descendants, going back to the early 1800s. Burg exploded. Following the show, when we tried to speak calmly with Avrum Burg about Jewish heritage in Hebron, Burg, (who is a 'religious' Jew), shook his finger at us and furiously exclaimed, "Bnei Esav Atem - Bnei Esav Atem" which translated literally means, "You are the sons of Esau (Isaac's son - Jacob's brother)."
This same Avrum Burg invited Abu Ala to officially visit the Israeli Knesset, five days before the 70th anniversary of the massacre in Hebron.
At the same time that this Arab terrorist was in the Knesset, three former members of the outlawed Kach movement were invited to visit the Israeli parliament by MK Michael Kleiner, in protest of the Abu Ala disgrace. However Israeli security guards refused to let them in. Eventually they gained entrance and met with MK Kleiner in his office. Shortly after their arrival, members of the Knesset guard demanded that they be expelled from the Knesset because MKs Achmad Tibi and Talab A'sana complained that the former Kachniks had yelled at them 'terrorists.' Their host, MK Kleiner, refused to hand the three Jews over to the Knesset guard. Only after they concluded their meeting did they agree to leave the Knesset of their own accord.
Israel is suffering from AIDS, twice over. AIDS are initials for the ARABS IN DISGUISE SYNDROME. The Arabs are 'dressing up' as good guys, and are slowly but surely infiltrating Israel. (So we have also witnessed with the appointment of Arab MK terrorists to the most sensitive Knesset committee, dealing with security and defense issues. They will undoubtedly be a direct pipeline to those who most need such secret information, their real bosses, Arafat and Achmad Yassin, in Gazza.) They are infiltrating AT OUR INVITATION.
This syndrome is going to have the same effect as the other AIDS we know, the medical kind, which, destroying the body's immunization systems, wears a person down until he has nothing left to fight off the other deadly diseases attacking the rest of the body. This is what the Arabs are doing to us, step by step, day by day. Today's episode is another example. But this example is much more serious, because the supreme Israeli legislature has presented our enemy with an official foothold, not only in the Parliament, but in Jerusalem too, the very same Jerusalem which, according to Abu Ala, belongs to him.
In my humble opinion we are in need of an AIDS vaccination ASAP, allowing us to obliterate this deadly disease before it kills us first.

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