Sunday, August 5, 2001

The Gazan Horse

The Gazan Horse
August 5, 2001

Everybody's talking about it - the hit list. Or rather, I should say, hit lists. Because there's more than one.

Let's start with the list presented to the "neutral Americans." Arafat's henchmen demanded that Israel arrest all those so-called "Jewish terrorists" on the list. If not, they would be eliminated.

Who heads this list? Terrorist number one is none other than Hebron leader Noam Arnon, one of the most well-known "ultra right-wing extremists." What other adjectives can be used to describe a Jew living in Hebron, working in Hebron, praying at Ma'arat HaMachpela, rebuilding the roots of the Jewish people, the city of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs, where David began ruling before his ascent to Jerusalem? This, of course, portrays the archetype of a genuine Jewish terrorist.

Hebron should actually be proud. Three of the five names publicly announced, on a list of over 50 people, are Hebron residents. The other two are the infamous Baruch Marzel and Noam Federman, both of whom were active in the now outlawed "terrorist organization," Kach. Marzel was Rabbi Meir Kahane's second in command, becoming the Kach director following Rabbi Kahane's murder. Noam Federman was the Kach spokesman.

Just to set the record straight, terrorist Baruch Marzel, is personally responsible for having brought literally tens of thousands of Jews to Hebron over the past few years. During the Netanyahu-Peres election campaign Baruch Marzel single-handedly arranged the visits to Hebron of major Rabbinic leaders throughout Israel, leaders who later instructed their followers and congregations to vote for Netanyahu. I dare to say that without Marzel's work, we would have received Peres in 1996. As bad as Bibi was, we can only estimate the irrevocable harm Peres would have caused, had he then been elected.

As for Noam Federman, he has been acquitted more than 30 times by Israeli courts. Despite the fact that he does not yet have a law degree, he has been known to wrap judges around his little finger while defending both himself and others in court.

So that is one hit list.

There's another one, published by a 2nd Arab terrorist organization. According to media reports it contains 32 names, and is headed by former Chief Rabbi Rav Ovadia Yosef, today head of the Shas political party, and Israeli Chief Rabbi Rav Yisrael Meir Lau. These people are also candidates for elimination.

So, there we have it. Two hit lists, with somewhere in the vicinity of 100 people, marked for murder. That's it. Right?


Last week, a 30 year old man was stabbed in the Old City in Jerusalem and a bomb blew up in the Givat Shaul neighborhood in Jerusalem, as well as near the Mashbir department store on King George Street, in the middle of the city. Three border police were shot and injured in the Shomron. Before that, a bomb was planted in a watermelon, and found on a Jerusalem bus. Tens of mortar rockets were fired at Kfar Darom in Gaza, one of them hitting the home of the Biton family, whose father, Gabbi, was killed by terrorists less than a year ago.

On Tuesday, July 24, the Ha?aretz newspaper printed an article by Danny Rubenstein, in which he divulges the contents of Arafat crony Faisal Husseini's last interview. Husseini, considered by many to be a "moderate Arab leader" orchestrated the so-called "first intifada' and ran Jerusalem for the Palestinian Authority. He was personally responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Jews. Yet, he was thought of as a "moderate Arab statesman." In his last interview, granted a few hours before his death, Rubenstein reveals that "Husseini characterized the Oslo Accords as a Palestinian Trojan Horse that established the PLO and its Chairman Yassir Arafat in the territories an ambush of sorts that paved the way to the present Intifada." Husseini said, "Our final aim is the liberation of all of historical Palestine, from the river to the sea, even if the conflict continues for a thousand years or for many more generations."

In other words, if you haven't yet guessed, the hit lists are not limited to a hundred people. We are all on the hit list. We are all subject to elimination. We are all standing in the way of Arafat's dream, a state from the river to the sea. And we have, with our own two hands, let the Trojan horse romp into our midst. We've let them invade and we have yet to recognize the damage they are causing. The real hit list includes the names of over five million Jews, men, women and children, citizens of the State of Israel, from Eilat to Kiryat Shmona.

The responsibility to break open the Trojan Horse and purge the lethal threat is that of the Israeli government. Unfortunately, Ariel Sharon has allowed his Foreign Minister, Shimon Peres, and his Defense Minister, Binyamin Ben Eliezer, to place blinders over his eyes, even in the face of continued warfare. How can Sharon stand by quietly following the attack on Jews praying at the Western Wall, the Kotel, during Tisha B?Av prayers? Rocks showered down on worshippers, hurled by Arabs incited by Israeli Knesset members Ahmed Tibi and Abdulmalik Dahamshe. Sharon's response is that of an ostrich with his head in the sand. That's what we have, an ostrich versus a Trojan , or perhaps in this case a Gazan horse.

It seems that Peres, Ben Eliezer and even Sharon still don't realize that they too are on Arafat's hit list. The Gazzan horse is exploding, with fallout scattering all over Israel. They have to pull their heads out of the ground before they too, are victims of their own folly.

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