Thursday, June 10, 2004

The Saddamization of Israel

Well, Noam’s back home. Finally, at last, after almost nine months of lockup, originally in the same wing with Shech Obaid and Mustepha Dirani. After a prolonged hunger strike that has left him underweight. After legal battles which climaxed when the State dropped all charges against him in the “Bat Ayin” case. Noam was suspected and indicted for masterminding a “Jewish terrorist gang,” accusations backed up by zilch evidence, as proven by the fact that the indictment was voided.
Municipal court judge David Heshin had little choice but to release Federman following a Supreme Court ruling paving the way for Noam’s release. Yet the Shabak – the “Jewish section” of the Israeli intelligence organization, is still not convinced. Judge Heshin annulled the 2nd six month administrative detention order which was to have kept Noam in prison until, at least Rosh HaShana – over three months from now. However, as Noam walked out the Ashkelon penitentiary early this morning, he was handed another administrative order, this too signed by Central Command General Moshe Kaplinsky, with the blessings of Defense Minister Shaul Mufaz. This time Noam won’t have to serve his time behind bars – at least he’s home. But free he’s not. He must now comply with the rules and regulations of his freshly bestowed administrative house arrest orders. He is restricted to the four walls of his apartment, in the Avraham Avinu Neighborhood in Hebron. He may leave to pray, once a day, every morning, at Ma’arat HaMachpela, with a police escort. He is also being allowed a one-week vacation in northern Israel, with daily visits to the nearest police station in the area.
Not good. One administrative order replacing another. But, at least he’s home, with his wife, family and friends. The simcha – the joy at his homecoming earlier today in Hebron, was tangible. Everyone joined in welcoming Noam back home, including singing, dancing, and, or course, media interviews. The reporters were ready and waiting, with microphones bared like swords, or perhaps better described as fish hooks, waiting to see what they might catch.
Nine months of incarceration have not dulled Noam Federman’s tongue or senses. In a radio interview he granted last night, he said, “prison hasn’t broken me. Not a day passed by when I stopped smiling.” This morning Federman expressed himself clearly. “My release isn’t the end of our struggle. There are others still in jail who we want to see back home, here in Hebron.” He was referring to Itzik Pass, father of slain infant Shalhevet, and his brother-in-law Matti Shvu, who were convicted of illegally acquiring and possessing explosives – 8 ‘explosive bricks,’ discovered in their car. They are presently serving a two year jail sentence in the Ramla prison.
Federman verbally attacked Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, calling him a dictator and comparing him to Saddam Hussein, saying that Sharon’s place, like Saddam’s is behind bars. He vowed to continue fighting the planned expulsion of Jews from Gaza. When asked whether he didn’t fear being returned to his now-empty jail cell, Federman laughed, saying, “jail doesn’t scare me – you see me here today, after being in jail, if they put me back then again, they will have to release me. I will not stop the struggle to keep Eretz Yisrael in our hands.”
Noam Federman is described by almost all media outlets as a ‘leader of the extreme Jewish right.’ In the past he was a compatriot of murdered Rabbi Meir Kahane, and spokesman of the now-outlawed Kach movement. Many times his views and expressions are minimized, as his, and his alone. I can agree with the first half of that statement, but not the second. Because today, Noam’s views are not his alone. The foundation of his opinion rests upon the pillars of Am Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael and Torat Yisrael – the people, land and Torah of Israel. There may be disagreements concerning the “how,” how to accomplish our mission and reach our goal. But today, there are tens and hundreds of thousands of Israelis who too, must be maligned as belonging to the ‘extreme right,” because we are all worried about the same thing – and we really do have what to be worried about.
Let’s play true and false:
The Israeli cabinet didn’t really decide to uproot communities and expel their residents.
The expulsion will not begin until a second vote is taken, in another nine months.
What do you say? If you answer true, you’re mistaken, on both counts. This morning our beloved media reported, (truthfully it seems), that negotiators have already begun speaking with Gush Katif residents, promising them substantial compensation if they leave their homes of their own free will. According to reports prepared by the Israeli version of the National Security Council, the first exorcizing will commence, not next March, rather in two months, in August. At that time families will be able to ‘voluntarily’ leave Gush Katif, with promises of a big bank account, at some time in the future.
According Arutz 7, the 2nd stage of expulsion will continue from November 2004 thru July 2005. All the suckers convinced to abandon their houses and land ‘of their own free will’ will get paid on the spot. That’s what’s called instant gratification.
The final stage, when Jews are to be literally dragged from their homes, is due to start in September, 2005. Already by the middle of August all Gush Katif will be declared off-limits to anyone and everyone not living there. By the end of September Gush Katif is scheduled to be Judenrein. G-d forbid.
To reiterate, because I’ve said it before, and so have many others, wiser than me, we must realize, this is only the beginning. Many other communities throughout Judea and Samaria are on the chopping block. Gush Katif is only the appetizer. Earlier this week it was revealed that former Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert, once THE champion of a united Jerusalem (now Sharon’s trumpet), announced intentions to transfer a number of ‘Arab cities’ in east Jerusalem to the PA. It’s really so simple: you begin with Kfar Darom and finish with Jerusalem. It’s a straightforward equation.
Ariel Sharon and his gang have plans, that if implemented, will result in a cataclysm impossible to conjure up, even in our wildest nightmares. Others, like Noam Federman, fearless, facing up to truth and acting accordingly, are needed, to try and stop this madness. I think that all the latter know the rules, are aware of the ‘red lines.’ The problem is that the former know no ‘red lines’ – everything is permissible. This week the Israeli press gave notification that snipers, with ‘live ammunition’ were stationed at the expulsion and destruction of Mitzpe Yitzhar. Their targets were not Arabs. Such snipers, we are promised, will continue to be activated at future evictions. Add that on to administrative detention, and other Sharon-planned goodies, and we really do begin to look like a watered-down version of Saddam’s kingdom.
With blessings from Hebron.

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