Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Scaring Away Wild Dogs

Scaring Away Wild Dogs
July 5, 2005


Sharon is running scared. D-Day is getting closer and closer and Ariel Sharon is starting to panic. The signs aren't hard to read.

Following last week's attacks in London, Sharon immediately issued orders to his underlings, otherwise known as ministers of the Israeli government. The command: Don't discuss the London terror attacks and don't compare them with terror plaguing Israel.

Why? Quite simply. Should the Al-Qaeda be linked in any way, shape or form, actually or even tacitly, to our 'good, peace-loving neighbors,' the entire Gush Katif abandonment plan would evaporate, instantaneously. G-d forbid that such an idea should enter normal people's heads. After all, can you imagine making a deal with creatures who kill, wound and maim innocent civilians, on buses or trains. Israel would never be able to consider such policies. So, the solution is easy: stick your head in the sand, way down deep, so you cannot see, hear, or even possibly image what might be happening up out there in the real world.

Another indication  of Sharon's galloping dread: Last night the state attorney general, Manny Mazuz, conducted a meeting with a group of seven 'religious-zionist' Rabbis, hoping to persuade them to end all opposition to the expulsion plan. He accused the Rabbis of leading opposition to the plan and not doing enough to prevent violence by 'extremists.' According to the INN report, one 'moderate' Rabbi responded, "The idea that we will stand silent is a mistake. Our children and our grandchildren feel that have been trampled. The limits initially were broken by the government and the Knesset and afterwards by the judicial system. If we are speaking about a rebellion..., the government has rebelled against itself and against the country."
The meeting took place as part of  'discussions' between the 'two sides,' aimed at defusing tensions and possible mass violence. It is very important to note the tone of such coordinated discussions. It goes something like this: "Either you stop everything you're doing, no more protests, no more opposition, or we will come after you, beat you, arrest you, and put you away for a long time.'  This is the true face of Israeli justice: the attorney general's office, the prosecution, and the courts.

Still, Sharon is petrified: he's terrified of the Rabbi's, he's frightened of the masses, he shakes thinking about massive refusal by military forces, soldiers and officers alike. He knows that blanket dismissal of hundreds or more officers will disintegrate the IDF. And most of all, he cannot sleep at night knowing that, with all this, if he doesn't continue taking apart Judea and Samaria, an indictment is still waiting for him and his thug-sons, right around the corner.

Another sign of Sharon's worries can be easily identified following Tony Blair's comments, after the London attacks.  
I think this type of terrorism has very deep roots," Blair said. "As well as dealing with the consequences of this — trying to protect ourselves as much as any civil society can — you have to try to pull it up by its roots," he said.  That meant boosting understanding between people of difference religions, helping people in the Middle East see a path to democracy and easing the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, he said." [http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3110189,00.html].
In layman's terms, Israel is to blame. If we gave the Arabs what they want, (all of Eretz Yisrael), England, Europe and the free world would be safe and immune from continued Arab terror.

This doesn't ease Sharon's plight, because it is almost certain that he has plans to annihilate the Iranian nuclear reactor following the summer debacle. Blair's statement, which is representative of the entire European Union, at the very least, is only a forerunner of the fire they will breath following an Israeli preemptive strike on the greatest present threat to world peace – nuclear weapons in the hands of the Arabs. Sharon knows that he will have to find a way to appease them, and quickly. The only way to do that is an accelerated 'road-map,' i.e., the expulsion of tens of thousands of Jews from their homes throughout Israel, and, for desert, division of Jerusalem.

These words are not totally figments of my imagination. In an article published late last week in the Israel press, a senior (unnamed) military figure was quoted as saying, "Israel has plans to continue unilateral concessions through 2008." In other words, the fun is just beginning.

Maybe. Maybe not. If Bulldozer Sharon is scared, he has a good reason to be scared, as enumerated above. When a wild dog runs scared, sometimes it bites. But sometimes, if you pick up a rock and make believe you're about to throw it, the scared dog takes off in the opposite direction.

Sharon's tried biting. He's given it all he's got. But it still hasn't worked. Almost all of Gush Katif's 9,000 residents are still there. Very very few have signed compensation agreements. Thousands of people are arriving in Gush Katif, living in makeshift caravans or tents. And the battle is far from over. Next week, a national march, with people from all over the country, leading to Gush Katif, will begin. IDF officials have already proclaimed that they don't have solutions to tens of thousands of people.

We can still stop the madness.

Aviel Tucker, from Netzer Hazani in Gush Katif, posted an open letter "To the People of Israel, to every Jew wherever he may be."

…In another five weeks, they will knock on our doors ­ but we know now very
clearly that the "evacuation" will not be done gently. We will be beaten
until we bleed, and then dragged cruelly from our homes.

Here in the Gush, we're still anticipating a miracle, we're still praying
for salvation. But you, dear brothers, must be ready to move! We have
carried out our part; we have remained strong, and we will continue to do
so until the end.

But now, we need you. On the day that Gush Katif is closed, I ask you,
please, please, don't sit at home! Get up and start walking! Don't say it's
too late or there's no chance; if everyone gets up and comes, perhaps,
perhaps we will succeed! Maybe the Master of the Universe will hear and
will save us. Each and every person must feel that in the merit of his own
actions, Gush Katif will be saved.

Those of you who might prefer to sit on a comfortable sofa in your living
room and watch us on television being cruelly beaten and our beloved Land
sold away to murderers ­ will have to live with this his whole life. He
will have to explain to his grandchildren, who will ask him again and
again, "What did you do to save the Land of Israel? What did you do on
behalf of your brothers in Gush Kati?"

We have not lost our faith, and even when and if the situation gets even
worse, we will continue to believe ­ for the Master of the Universe does
only good for His children. But the moments of truth have arrived ­ and
soon it will be too late."

Our fate is in our hands – it is up to us, all of us, to scare away the wild dog, running with his tail between his legs. 

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