Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Authentic G-d Particle

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This morning we were greeted with headlines explaining discovery of what is called the 'God particle.' Decades of research and millions of dollars were invested in this project, which according to an article in Fox explains that this particle 'gives things mass.'  As elucidated, ""all elementary particles get their masses from their interactions with the [Higgs] field, kind of like being 'slowed down' by passing through a thick syrup,""

In other words, if I understand correctly, this syrup-particle is sort of like the glue of existence.

Interesting, significant and amusing. Why amusing? Because even a simpleton as myself, with almost no scientific background at all, could have come to the same conclusion and revealed it to the world without spending all that money. The glue of humanity, the precursor of the world as we know it, came into existence over 5772 years ago. As our Sages have taught, G-d looked into the Torah, and then created the world. The Bible, the word of G-d, is the syrup that all creation must pass through in order to have any kind of mass. For without the Torah, as is written in the above-mentioned article, "Without it, they — we — would zip around frantically at the speed of light, too foot-loose to form atoms." In other words, humanity would be lost, running around, chasing its shadow, so to speak, without being able to take any real, relevant, substantial form. That is what Torah, the Bible, the word of G-d, gives us.
But of course, that's not enough. The now discovered particle, in order to be discerned, needed, in the words of the Fox article, a 'playing field' where it could be visualized. Here too, the Good L-rd, preceded Prof. Higgs, who hypothesized existence of this particle over 50 years ago. About 3,800 years ago, the Creator set out the field, by which His particle could be distinguished. He called that field by the name Abraham, who, over the centuries, developed from a family field to a national field, by way of the Jewish people. That's our role in the world: to be a 'thick syrupy mass,' which when interacted with other, fast-flying objects, will give them form and purpose, and ultimately, bring them closer to their Maker.
But it doesn't end there. Again referring back to Fox, ""You have to get enough energy to excite the field so that it looks like a particle to us. Otherwise we don't know the field is there."

Here too, we arrived before the good professor.  In order for us, the Jewish people, together with our Torah, to be 'seen,' in order to know that the 'field is there,' the Diety provided us with a place to put it all together. That being, of course, Eretz Yisrael, the Land of Israel.  As the article concluded, "But because the Higgs particle is extremely high-energy (or, equivalently, very heavy), it's tough to excite the Higgs field enough to create one. That's where the Large Hadron Collider comes in: by smashing together high-speed protons, it generates enough juice to slosh the syrupy Higgs field around now and again, producing Higgs bosons."

So too with us Jews. We also were processed via a Collider. But back then it had different names: the exile in Egypt, ten plagues, the exodus, the parting of the Sea, receiving the Torah, the dwelling of G-d in the 'tent of meeting' in the desert, entering into the land of Israel, leading to revelation, the Temple, in Jerusalem.

That collider hasn't stopped working. Again we experienced exile, again we experienced aches and pains, the inquisition, the holocaust, again we came back to our land. And the particles keep flying around.

There are such specks that might prefer not to take form, to be 'free,' without any purpose for being.  They would hope, and even work, to keep the G-d particle from doing its job. But they cannot succeed.

Today we are witness to an additional G-d particle disclosure. That being, for anyone who still didn't know, that Jews really can live in their land, in Eretz Yisrael, the third leg of the G-d particle. We have permission, not only from G-d, but also according to international law. For years, we, those of us living in Judea and Samaria, individually and collectively, have been accused of 'occupying conquered land,' and thereby being in violation of international law. Today the Israeli press published the findings of an 'official committee,' headed up by former Supreme Court justice Edmond Levy which concludes " that there is no “occupation” and international law allows Jews to live in Judea and Samaria." They concluded that from a historical and legal prospective, and considering agreements with the Palestinian Authority, the international law against ”occupation" does not apply to Judea and Samaria.

Holy Cow!  No, holy G-d particle!  Finally, 3,500 years after the Israelites entered the Land of Israel, we have an official OK to live here…..anywhere. Not just in Tel-Aviv, Haifa, and Beersheva. But also in Hebron, Jerusalem, and Shilo.

Actually, Hebron, Jerusalem, and Shilo, with the rest of Judea and Samaria, are the glue which gives Tel-Aviv and Haifa their form, their existence. Hebron and Jerusalem are the syrupy G-d particle via which the others received their mass, their being.

Several articles, dealing with today's news, point out that this discovery and announcement may lead to Dr Higgs receiving the Nobel Prize in physics. We'd be happy to bypass the Nobel Prize in anything. But it would be nice if the peoples of the world would finally recognize, after all these years and all those colliders, that we, the Jewish people, really do have a legitimate right to live in our land, in all of it, as Jews, the way were created, thousands of years ago.  For this is the authentic G-d particle.

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