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Bombs Away!

The Jerusalem Post

Bombs Away!
July 11, 1014

There are different kinds of bombs.

Presently we are experiencing bombs falling on Israel, launched by a terrorist government whose goal is the demise of the State of Israel and the annihilation of all its Jewish citizens.

Simultaneously Israel is returning the favor, not in an effort to kill all Gazan Arabs, rather to exterminate the animals who are causing 'Red Alert' to be sounded, not only in Sderot, Ashkelon and Ashdod, but also in Beit Shemesh, Jerusalem, Haifa, Caesarea, Tel Aviv, Nes Tziona, Rishon L'Tzion, and many other places, and yes, including even Hebron. (The unconfirmed rumors are that the missile aimed at us fell in the Arab village Daharia, in the Southern Hebron Hills, killing three Arabs.)

Last night one of my granddaughters, who lives in Beit Haggai, in the southern Hebron Hills, where too there was a siren yesterday, called me. Her father (my son) was called up a few days ago in the emergency draft. In tears she whispered, "Saba, I'm afraid."

There are major differences between our bombs and their bombs. They are aiming for Ben Gurion airport. Their primary targets are civilians. Apartment buildings. Factories. Shopping centers. Wherever. The more dead, the better. After all, that's the goal.

Before Israel releases its bombs, the intended 'house' is notified. Not once, rather twice. "Get out, we are going to bomb this house." The people inside have, not 15 seconds, but five minutes to evacuate. Then a 'warning flare' is released. "We are serious about this." And only after both these warnings, is the building destroyed.

Of course, these are not random dwellings. These are the home bases of the beasts trying to destroy Israel. If the people inside take the alerts seriously, they are not injured. But lately, the Hamas terror leadership in Gaza has told its citizens to 'ignore' the Israeli forewarning. Not only don't they care if their own civilians are killed. To the contrary, they prefer it. That way they have good photos to show the international media and at the UN.

Thank G-d, we are experiencing Divine miracles. The existence of the "Iron Dome" system, which shoots the terror missiles while still in the air is a double miracle. The very fact that such a weapon exists, and the fact that it actually works. According to IDF statistics, the success rate stands (or flies) at 90%. The system not only identifies the attacking missiles' trajectory, but also where it is expected to land. If the targeted area is populated, the 'iron dome' explodes into action. If it projects that the rocket will land in an unpopulated place, it does not operate. Miracle of miracles. And just to clarify some of the expenses involved: Each Iron Dome projectile costs about $50,000.

There is another kind of bomb. In my opinion no less necessary or effective.

A few days ago HaAretz newspaper sponsored a 'peace conference.' (Ironically they all had to scatter, running to bomb shelters when the air raid 'red alert' siren sounded.)

One of the invited guests was National Home Party Chairman and Economics Minister Naftali Bennett. He is not exactly a hardcore left-wing extremist. He, together with Uri Ariel and Uri Urbach represent the right in the Israeli government.

As soon as he walked onto the stage the heckling and screaming started. "Murderer, murderer." Etc Etc Etc.
Bennett has an extremely strong character, remaining very cool under very hot conditions.

"You will not shut me up. I will speak!" And despite the continued interruptions, he did speak, saying very important words.

First, he used an example from his business career, (he made millions), to make a point.

I paraphrase: 'We initiated a project and invested millions. Until, after a few months of total failure, we recognized that we'd made a mistake. As a result we changed everything, including the product itself. Today we have employed over 400 people.

When we made a mistake, we saw it and changed direction. When are you, on the left, going to admit that you've made a terrible mistake and change direction?!?'

Bennett then proceed to list four essentials:
1) Land matters. 'Where would you prefer to meet up with Da'aish (the extreme insurgent Islamic group on the verge of conquering Iraq)? On the Jordan River or on Road 6 (here in Israel, on the border of the 'green line' – the projected border for a 'palestinian state.)

2) Deterrence. 'When you live in an area of anarchy, you have to be strong! So strong that no one would even dare think of trying to harm you. Deterrence is the ability to inflict harm on your enemies and the willingness to actualize it if necessary.

3) Internal National Resilience. That is solidarity between various parts of society. We witnessed this unity after the abduction and murder of the three young me. Concerns for the minority.

4) Our right to exist in our land. We are here for over 3,800 years. From Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, whose name is also Israel, to the Judges and King David and Soloman, the Maccabees, the 2nd Temple and the return to Zion. The idea is that a nation cannot be a conqueror or occupier in its own land.

"Not a foreign land we took, and we didn't use foreign property, rather the land of our forefathers, which was conquered by our enemies, without justification and we (the Jewish people), when we had the opportunity, we took back the land of our forefathers."

"Which Zionist pronounced these words," asked Bennett. No one knew. "Shimon the Maccabee, 2150 years ago."

Very impressive speech. Very effective bomb, of another type.

I'd like to conclude by defining one last 'bomb.' It relates to Bennett's first essential, that being land. Referring to this, he spoke of the missiles launched from land we abandoned to the Arabs in Gush Katif, and asked how it is possible that rockets aren't falling from Judea and Samaria. Because, of course, we are here.

The third, necessary bomb, is our return to Gaza, our return to Gush Katif. The rebuilding of the destroyed communities, and multiplication of that population by 1000% . Our enemies understand two languages: force and land. We are presently showing them force, and will continue to as long as necessary. But it is not enough. We must prove to them that we are serious. Force is not enough. We must take back our land, as we did in 1948 and 1967. We must continue walking in the footsteps of the Maccabees, we must continue living the words of Shimon the Maccabee. That will lead the road to total victory.

Bombs Away!

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