Friday, July 28, 2000

The Deep Dark Secret of Camp David

The Deep Dark Secret of Camp David
July 28, 2000

Upon his return from the US, PM Barak emphasized: "We were not prepared to relinquish three things: the security of Israel, those things that are holy to Israel, and the unity of the our People".

Who does he think he's fooling?

I don't know how Barak defines unity. Does he really believe that the entire country stands behind him?
Does he believe that the Israeli people accept relinquishment of the Jordan Valley, of 90% of Judea and Samaria, of all of the Gazza Jewish Communities?
Does he believe that the Israeli people are ready to swallow Arafat sovereignty in East Jerusalem, including neighborhoods in the "Old City?"
Does he believe that the Israeli people are willing to abandon the Mount of Olives, including the ancient cemetery, containing the graves of such righteous people as the prophet Zacharia, the Ohr HaChaim HaKadosh, Rav Kook, and so many other holy people? (Following the 1948 War of Independence, this cemetery was conquered and controlled by Jordan. The graves were desecrated and the gravestones used to pave roads and construct buildings.)
Does Barak really believe that the Israeli people will accept abandonment of Ma'arat HaMachpela? (This holy site was off-limits to Jews and Christians for 700 years, and today, Muslim religious and political leaders state categorically that should this site again come under their control, 'only Muslims will be allowed to pray there'.)
Does Barak really expect the Israeli people to accept Arafat's terrorist flag flying over Temple Mount, the holiest site in the world to the Jewish people?

Perhaps Barak will succeed in unifying the Israeli people - against the horrendous concessions he is yielding to Arafat.

As far as security is concerned: One need go only as far as today's headlines of the Israel Ma'ariv newspaper: "Getting ready for War" and "The Consensus - There will be terror and probably military confrontation."

According to a poll by Smith Research and Consulting and published by the Jerusalem Post, 41% of those polled want new elections. Fifty three percent agree that Barak offered Arafat too much.

But perhaps the most telling statistic is the answer to the question, "Do the Palestinians truly want peace." Sixty percent replied "no."

What really happened at Camp David?

Barak and Arafat REACHED AN AGREEMENT. Israel will abandon about 90% of Yesha, clear out all the communities in Gazza, relinquish the Jordan Valley, and allow sovereignty or 'shared sovereignty' in East Jerusalem and the Old City. By allowing the creation of a 'Palestinian State' Israel will 'receive' peace, and 'an end to the conflict' while expelling or abandoning some 50,000 'settlers' living in Judea, Samaria and Gazza.

However, Barak, Arafat and Clinton were all too aware that 'back home' - both Israelis and Arabs would vociferously protest the agreement: Israelis, because it is 'too much' (as the polls show) and the Arabs because it is 'not enough.' So, they decided to declare the summit a failure, go back home, and convince everyone of the great gains they had accomplished, thereby allowing everyone to 'get used to the facts' slowly. Barak's brainwashing campaign is underway - attempting to confuse the issues by stressing the 'great accomplishments of the summit.'

"We were not prepared to relinquish three things: the security of Israel, those things that are holy to Israel, and the unity of the our People".
Again and again, again and again, again and again - classic brainwashing.

The three have until September 13, the 'DAY' on which Arafat intends to unilaterally declare a 'palestinian state,' to win everyone over.  They will announce the mutual acceptance of the 'compromise agreement' a few days before this crucial date, and 'everyone will go home a winner.'

This assessment is backed up by two news features appearing in today's Israeli press -  According to an article in today's Haaretz newspaper by Akiva Eldar:
"U.S. President Bill Clinton will appear on Israeli television to express his support for the positions put forward by Prime Minister Ehud Barak and to promise that the United States will move its embassy to West Jerusalem after Israel signs an agreement with the Palestinians.

Barak telephoned the White House and requested the president's assistance in dealing with the difficult political problems he now faces back at home. Clinton will thus tomorrow give a television interview (most probably with Channel One) in which he will state his country's commitment to Israel's security and welfare. Clinton is also expected to promise that the United States will lay the corner stone of its new embassy in West Jerusalem as soon as Israel signs a peace agreement with the Palestinians."

More brainwashing, mixed with a little bribery and American interference in internal Israeli affairs.

Also, Israel radio reported that Clinton has declared that a 'unilateral declaration of palestinian statehood would be very damaging to US-PA relations.'

This spells out a 'no choice' alternative, to both Barak and Arafat, offering them an 'out' - an excuse to their 'peoples' saying, 'we had no choice' …..

But, it's not going to work. Next week Foreign Minister David Levy is resigning from the government. This is too much, even for him.  I cannot say we have always agreed with David Levy, but he is the only minister in the Barak government who warned against 'extreme decisions' and refused to participate in the summit, even though he was invited.

This knockout blow will leave Barak with almost no option but to call a general election. He may very well lose a no-confidence vote in the Knesset next week, thereby forcing new elections. His crumbling government cannot and will not hold up much longer. When the elections are called, we will have to do everything possible to ensure that Barak and his deep dark Camp David secret are soundly defeated at the polls.


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