Friday, July 7, 2000

If Not Now, When???

If Not Now, When???
 July 7, 2000

Yesterday morning, listening to the radio news, I heard an interview with Meretz MK and former minister Yossi Sarid, the primary leader of the Israeli left. Speaking about the upcoming summit planned for next week at Camp David, Sarid said the following: (paraphrased from my memory): "I never say 'this is our last chance', because there is always another chance, even after the 'last one.' There is another one, and another one, etc. But this time I am saying it: This is our last chance, because if we don't settle the issue now, we all know what will happen. Violence will break out….."

Ehud Barak, Prime Minister of Israel, says that he expects violence to begin should the summit "fail."  Yesterday the commander of the IDF, General Shaul Mufaz declared that a "failed summit" will lead to violence but continued "progress" will lead to a lessening of tensions. Even President Bill Clinton jumped into the act by speaking of "bloodshed" should the summit "not succeed."

Something smells.

Picture this scenario:
A few months ago a three-way meeting takes place somewhere in Europe. The top Israeli negotiators, together with Arab negotiators, and the Americans sit together to work out a strategy. The Israelis whine on and on about the opposition they are facing from within, and predict that the government will fall should a peace conference begin. They also quote secret polls showing that a majority of Jewish Israelis will vote against peace accords in a public referendum or a general election. What can they do?

The Americans offer the following solution:
Scare tactics are the name of the game. All Israeli leaders must begin a campaign based around fear and panic. War, bloodshed, death - these are the themes that must trickle into the Israeli head. Day after day, with an emphasis on the final stage, the Israeli media must play up the "what ifs" - what if there is not summit, -what if the summit fails, -what if Arafat unilaterally declares a Palestinian State, etc. The Israeli leadership must see to it that this is a never-ending subject on radio, television, and in newspapers. Over and over and over again, until the brainwashing takes effect.

The role of the Palestinian Authority: Make noise, lots and lots of noise. Threats, more threats and more threats. Yell about the 13th of September -a holy date that will not go away. Make speeches about conquering Israeli communities in Judea, Samaria and Gazza if you do not get what you want. Spread fear and panic amongst the Israel population. Make them understand that this really is the 'last chance.' If it doesn’t work this time, there will be a big explosion.

The American role: Make believe and try to play both sides at once. We don't support a unilateral Palestinian State, but… The gaps between the two sides are so great that we really don't expect a solution, but if a solution is not found, … We support a united Jerusalem, but Abu Dis really isn't Jerusalem, etc. etc. etc.

The idea is understood. Create a psychological situation whereby the Israeli public will not only accept any solution. Rather, when it is presented to them they will sigh a big breath of relief. Even though the sacrifices are great, the next war, right down the block, has, thank
G-d, been prevented.

It is very possible that this is exactly what happened, not too long ago, and this policy is presently being implemented. Israelis are being bombarded with politicians, commentators and IDF officers who are saying, again and again, this summit must not fail. Otherwise, who knows what will happen. This prepares the groundwork for a signing on the White House Lawn within a couple of weeks, of the transfer of between 92 to 95 percent of Judea, Samaria and Gazza to Arafat. Arafat will agree, in a secret memorandum, to somewhere in the vicinity of 150,000 Jews remaining in "settlement blocks" for a few years - until the terrorism (and overcrowding) gets so bad that everyone starts leaving. Some areas will be scheduled to be uprooted shortly "for the sake of peace" and their populace will be relocated in southern Israel, in the Negev (desert). Other areas will be left under Palestinian rule, with 'guarantees of security,' until they too, leave in despair.

The general election or the less-likely public referendum will revolve around one issue, and one issue alone: War or peace. If you want peace, vote for the agreement. If you want war, vote against it. The PA will continue to spout a lot of hot air, warning of the dire results of a defeated "peace plan." The American president will work to ensure a victory. The brainwashing will continue.

So, with the big day only days away, the question is, what will happen?

Presently, according to media accounts, Arafat is demanding the Neve Ya'akov and Pisgat Ze'ev neighborhoods in East Jerusalem. He is willing to leave 'a few' Yesha communities, only if they are under total Palestinian sovereignty, with their land being 'rented' to Israel for a few decades. He is also willing to trade - some land in Yesha for some land in Israel proper.

The Americans are backing the Arab claim to full sovereignty in parts of East Jerusalem. Madeline was quoted this morning as saying, "you cannot ignore the yearnings of 'billions' of Arabs."

This all plays into our hand. By the time Barak gets on the plane to Camp David, he may very well not have a coalition left. The NRP and Sharansky resign on Sunday. Shas, following an emergency meeting this morning, may very well walk out of the government also. 

But, above and beyond the politics, there are still the Israeli people. What the Arabs, the Americans, and even Ehud Barak do not understand is that the Israelis are not stupid. Deep down inside they understand that the only true security is when, with G-d's help, we take care of ourselves, without having to put our trust in anyone else. We cannot, and will not, ever be able to put our existence in Arafat and Uncle Sam. There is absolutely no doubt that should Barak come back to Israel with a signed accord, abandoning over 90% of Yesha together with some 40,000 Jews, the Israeli people will pour it down the drain.

Next week, on Sunday night, the 16th of July, there will be a giant demonstration in Tel Aviv. It will probably be the largest demonstration ever in Israeli history. We need you to make your voices heard in America and around the world. When Barak arrives in the US to begin the summit on Tuesday, begin bombarding the Israeli embassy in Washington, as well as consulates in different cities, around the world, with faxes and phone calls, protesting the impending madness. Demonstrate outside the consulates and embassies. Get letters and articles into both the Jewish press and regular media. Get out there and make your voices heard. Let anyone and everyone know: The land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people. Yesha is the heart of Israel:  Jerusalem and Hebron,  Beit El, Ofra, Kfar Darom, Netzarim - this is OUR homeland, and we will never ever relinquish it, especially not to our enemies.



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