Sunday, May 1, 1994


December 20, 2011

These articles, some six hundred and fifty, were written from 1995 until the present. I’m not sure that they all appear here, but certainly most of them are presented in this publication. They appeared in various places, being posted first in ‘gophers,’ then internet, via distribution list and web site. Others were authored as op-ed pieces,on Israel National News,  in the Jerusalem Post, the La Times, and even in the Christian Science Monitor.  Many appeared in my Arutz 7-Israel National News blog, and lately, in my Jerusalem Post blog. Almost all appear on my personal ‘blogger’ blog.

There two basic reason for presenting this volume. First, it is of the utmost importance that the events described not be forgotten. The only way to insure that they are remembered is to write and publish books, such as this.

But secondly, and just as important if not more important, is to learn from the errors of the past, in the hope that they will not be repeated in the future. History’s virtue lies not in names, dates and places. Rather it should be a tool, with which we can examine what occurred, why it occurred, and its implications for the future. 

Many more than one of these articles ‘predicts’ future events. Now, I’m not a prophet and I don’t have supernatural powers. I’m also not the smartest or wisest person alive. However, it was clear, being aware of the situations at hand, the most probable results. Unfortunately, I was usually correct. And not only me. All of us, realizing the developing catastrophes, made the same predictions. And we were right on the mark. Olso, and the Hebron Accords, led to massive terror, and then the Oslo War, aka the ‘second intifada.’ The massive expulsion from and abandonment of Gush Katif led to some ten thousand missiles shot into Israel and to a war in Gaza.

Perhaps prior to future, fateful decisions, decision-makers should pay a little more attention to us?
These articles encompass not only dire predictions. They deal with happy events, sad events, personal and public events, weddings, funerals, trips around Israel, and more. They represent an abbreviated version of my life for the past sixteen years. They also represent a birds-eye view of Hebron and Israel, though my personal looking glass.

It is imperative to stress: I’ve been employed by the Jewish Community of Hebron for almost 18 years. I began here officially in May, 1994. I’ve been working as a ‘spokesperson’ for the community for about seventeen years.  As such, much of what I have said or written represents the community. However, not everything that appears here is representative of each and every individual in Hebron. There are, of course and as would be expected, different points of view on many different issues, and it would be presumptuous for me to declare that every word, or idea presented is that of all people in Hebron. Surely there are concepts that are acceptable to some and unacceptable to others.  As such, don’t hold the community, as a whole, or individual residents, responsible for my own opinions, conclusions or goofs.

Additionally, I haven’t proofed all these articles. I’m sure there are mistakes, grammatical errors and typos. Please ignore them. If and when this volume ever appears in print, as a ‘real book’, in its entirety, or in an abbreviated version, I will do my best to correct those errors. 

However, any feedback is welcome at

Finally, there are many too many people to express appreciation to, allowing me to participate, as an active player, in one of the most exciting, important and significant periods in the history of the Jewish people, at the heart of our being, Hebron. So, I will only pronounce by humble thanks to G-d above, our Creator, who, for whatever reasons, saw fit to put me here, at this time in human history. I hope I’ve been able to, at least partially, fulfill the role for which I exist.

With blessings from Hebron,

David Wilder
Hanukkah eve, 5772 (20.12.11)
Hebron, Israel