Sunday, January 15, 1995

The Meshulam family miracle

The Meshulam family miracle of 1995
David Wilder

The Meshulam family of Hebron had an unwelcome intruder  on
Sunday  morning January 15, 1995.  At about 9:15  AM,  when
only  10-year-old daughter Bat-El was home, an unarmed LOWE
missile tore through the Meshulam's kitchen window at  Beit
Shneerson,   blasting   a  hole  in   the   kitchen   wall.
Fortunately, Bat-El was sleeping in her room at the time of
the attack and was not injured.

The  missile  was  apparently one of  ten  stolen  from  an
Israeli army base three months ago.  It was unarmed because
it  was  used  for training purposes.  Had it  contained  a
loaded  warhead, it would have destroyed most of the  four-
story  building.  LOWE missiles are generally used in anti-
tank combat.  They destroy tanks.

The  sound  of  the  missile launch  was  heard  by  Jewish
residents  of  Hebron  in the Beit Hadassah-Beit  Shneerson
neighborhood.   When they reported the blast to  patrolling
soldiers  they were told that it had occurred  at  a  great
distance  from  the Jewish Quarter.  Only when  Bat-El  ran
outside and notified neighbors that "something had exploded
in  the  kitchen" did everyone realize the enormity of  the

Hebron  leaders  met  that day with  high-ranking  military
officers  and with Assistant Secretary of Defense  Mordechi
Gur immediately following the attack.  A military spokesman
claimed that "because there were no casualties, this cannot
be considered an escalation of Arab terror."

The  Meshulam  family moved from Rechovot to  Hebron  three
months  ago.  The  following  are  excerpts  from  a  radio
interview  (Kol  Yisrael) with 10-year old Bat-El  an  hour
after the missile attack.

Kol  Yisrael:  Why  did your family move from  Rechovot  to
Bat-El:   We wanted to help strengthen the Jewish Community
of Hebron.
Kol-Yisrael  :  Did you participate in making the  decision
to move to Hebron.
Bat-El: Yes,  the whole family made decision together.
Kol  Yisrael:  What were you doing when the missile crashed
into your kitchen?
Bat-El:   I  was sleeping in my room because I  don't  feel
Kol  Yisrael:  When you realized that it was a missile were
you scared.
Bat-El:  No.
Kol Yisrael: Do you want to stay in Hebron.
Bat-El:  Yes.  I feel very lucky to live in Hebron.
Kol Yisrael: Why?
Bat-El:   This is the City of the Patriarchs.  I live  near
Ma'arat HaMachpela   (the Tomb of the Patriarchs).  I  have
the privilege to pray there.
Kol Yisrael:  What are you going to do now?
Bat-El:  I'm  going  to walk to Ma'arat HaMachpela  to  say
"Birchat  HaGomel"  (a blessing of  thanksgiving)  for  the
miracle that happened to me this morning.