Friday, September 29, 1995

The Morning After or The Day Before

Welcome to the New Era of Peace! Today only one Jew (a
Yeshiva student from Yeshivat Ateret Cohanim) was
seriously injured in the Old City in Jerusalem, stabbed
in the back by a peace-loving Arab who couldn't control
himself and only two firebombs were thrown into the
Avraham Avinu Neighborhood in Hebron.
Yesterday afternoon, and into the evening, thousands
marched from the Caves of the Patriarchs to the Avraham
Avinu neighborhood in the heart of Hebron, expressing
their love for Eretz Yisrael and continued support for
the Jewish Community of Hebron.
Those of you who have had a chance to read the
paragraphs in the agreement concerning Hebron,which I
sent out last night, will notice that the Jewish Quarter
is called "the Old City." It is considereded to be a
reminant of the past - an anachronism. So, it seems,
according to some, Eretz Yisrael is an anachronism.
Minister Benyamin ben Eliezer exclaimed in joy: "the
signing effectively ends the dream of a greater Israel -
Eretz Yisrael HaShlema " .
Not only that - it seems that the enemy is greatly
admired - Shula told Kol Yisrael this morning that those
imprisoned for murdering Jews aren't really murderers -
they are freedom fighters who were following the orders
of their commanders, ie, government. Therefore they may
be released from jail - they simply are not criminals (as
opposed to Jews who killed Arabs - they can't be released
- they are criminals).
That's the way it is - the enemy has turned into the
brother and the brother has been turned into the enemy.
Everything has been turned upside down.
Some clarafications concerning some of the sections
dealing with Hebron:
In my opinion paragraph No 11 is the most dangerous - it
effectively opens the door to any action the government
deems necessary to maintain stability and security - NOT
The `tnuva road' is the main street in Hebron leading
from Ma'arat HaMachpela to the Avraham Avinu neighborhood
and then on to Beit Hadassah- it has been closed to Arab
traffic for the last year and a half.
The wholesale market, being transformed into a retail
market, borders the entrance to the Avraham Avinu
neighborhood - anyone entering or leaving that area must
go thru the market area - there is no "bypass" - Needless
to say, if this area is filled with Arabs, it will
greatly increase risks to the Jews in Hebron.
I've spend much of today going through the agreement
- it is really unbelieveable - `plainclothed arab
policeman - armed with pistols and rifles - with the
authority to stop anyone and ask for identity papers -'
- next week I'll print some choice selections.
In any case, on Sunday Ma'arat HaMachpela will be
opened including Ohel Yitzhak, which is usually only open
to the Arabs - as it will be on Yom Kippur and on Tuesday
and Wednesday of Chol HaMoed Succot - This morning there
were over 40 buses of people at the Ma'ara -
At the demonstration-rally in Hebron yesterday a
number of people spoke - but more than the words said -
the atmosphere was so very impressive - upbeat, in spite
of everything - We realize that it's not going to be easy
- but as much as Rabin, Peres and Arafat think it's all
over - we know that it's just beginning - and are
preparing accordingly.
There are those who woke up this morning thinking-
this is the morning after the "great event" - but there
are others who see today as the day before - not the end,
rather the beginning...
Tomorrow we read from the book of Hosea - "Return
Israel to the L-rd your G-d" - When we do look back, it is
not to the events of yesterday, rather it is
to our roots - to the source of our strength, to the source
of our rights, privileges and obligations in Israel.
The Shabbat between RoshHaShana and Yom Kippur
is Shabbat Shuva - the Shabbat of
Return - We have returned and we are staying - Pray with
us that all Israel should return - return in body and in
spirit. Then look forward.
Shabbat Shalom.

Thursday, September 28, 1995


Hebron - 3:30 PM Israel time
I am sitting in the Hebron settlers gift shop -
underneath Ma'arat HaMachpela. In an hour a major
demonstration is scheduled to begin here in Hebron. In
another two and a half hours Rabin and Arafat are
supposed to be affixing their signatures to a document
betraying Eretz Yisrael and the Jewish People.
People continually ask how we feel, and how they can
help. We, of course, aren't happy with what's happening.
Things could be better. But, we have not, in any way
shape or form, given up. Far from it. Thankfully,
thousands of people from all over the world are behind
us, supporting the continued Jewish Community of Hebron,
supporting Jewish prayer and presence at Ma'arat
HaMachpela - The Caves of the Patriarchs. People arrive
in Hebron daily, visiting, praying, showing support.
This morning I spent a few hours touring with a couple
from NYC who wanted to see the city of the Patriarchs
before returning to the US.
But, if you really want to know how to help - to
tell the truth, I've debated with myself whether to write
this or not - and if I want to be honest with myself, I
have no choice. I expect that it's not necessarily
popular to say what I say, but I'm not running a
popularity contest. For Hebron doesn't belong to me, or
to any of the people or families that live here, or in
Kiryat Arba - or in the entire Hebron region. Hebron
belongs to the entire Jewish people, throughout all the
generations - people who dreamed of Hebron as they
dreamed of Jerusalem - but for them it was only a dream -
because the reality was so far from Eretz Yisrael that
even dreaming seem far-fetched. Hebron belongs to you,
and to your children, and to your grandchildren, and
great-grandchildren - Jews who deserve the privilege to
pray at the tombs of the Patriarchs no less than myself
or yourselves. And what are we going to say to them if,
G-d forbid, they won't be able to, because it is held in
foreign hands, - and not because they conquered it in a
war, but because a Jewish government GAVE IT AWAY?! What
will we say to children and grandchildren who ask us:
"But why did it happen? Why did they do it? WHAT DID YOU
WHAT WILL YOU SAY? In my opinion, anyone who
today really wants to save Eretz Yisrael MUST BE HERE -
IN ERETZ YISRAEL, NOW. Israel, not just Hebron belongs
to you too. The only way to do anything is to be here -
now. It's not a case of "pikuach nefesh" - the
"watching of a soul", rather it is a case of "hatzalat
nefesh" - "the saving of a soul" - saving the soul of
the Jewish People - the saving of Eretz Yisrael. When, G-
d forbid, one receives notification that a dear relative
is critically ill, one drops everything that he is doing
and rushes to the hospital. Why? There are doctors and
nurses, and there really isn't too much we can do - but
we feel it's the least we can do, so we go. If that is
the case with an individual, what about the nation, the
soul of the Jewish People? For 2,000 years we prayed and
died just saying "next year in Jerusalem" and now what
of Jerusalem? Don't be fooled - Hebron and Jerusalem are
one. One cannot exist without the other. If we lose
Hebron, Jerusalem is next - and what is Eretz Yisrael
without the heart - especially if we hand it over to our
enemies on a silver platter?
So, I say to you, from Hebron, from the home of
Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rivka and Lea- home of
David HaMelech - if you really care - not just
emotionally, not as a feeling, but REALLY CARE, you have
to be here - now! If you are here you can influence, you
can fill up all the empty apartments in all of Judea and
Samaria - you can volunteer to patrol in Hebron or in
other cities in Yesha - you can voice your opinion - you
So, I say it again - if you really care about Eretz
Yisrael, come here now. That is the eternal answer to
Rabin, Peres and Arafat. They are trying to throw us out
- we have to to the opposite.
For sure, we will stay here in any case, and in the
end will be victorious - but the victory should be a joint one,
of all the people of Israel - you and us together.

Sunday, September 24, 1995

The New Year

Several minutes ago the “Israeli delegation” led by Shimon Peres, initialed an
agreement with the terrorist Arafat, that, in their opinion, effectively
transfers the heart of Eretz Yisrael to a foreign terrorist power. On the
face of it, the Israeli govenment has defeated us. They have managed to sign
an agreement that transfers almost all civilian and military responsiblity to
the PLO. The agreement concerning Hebron is “valid” for six months, at which
time it will be re-negotiated - possibly giving Arafat total control over
Hebron, with total removal of Israeli forces from the city, including Ma’arat
However, this victory is illusory. It is as real as the Emporer’s New
Clothing. Why?
I would like to give you a living example:
Several days ago an elderly man came into my office in the Avraham Avinu
Neighborhood in Hebron. It was after 5:00 in the afternoon, and I was trying
to finish up the days work. He told me that he’d come to visit in Hebron and
needed a place to sleep. I called a friend who is charge of the hostile and
asked him if he had a vacancy. He answered that he’d be back in the city
within the hour, then he would fix things up. I told our guest and
accompanied him to a vacant chair, where he could sit and rest for the next
hour. After bringing him a cup of tea, we started talking and he told me that
he was born in Hebron some 83 years ago. He told me that he was an orphan -
his father had been killed fighting for the Turks during World War One and his
mother died not long after that. He spent most of his childhood in Hebron and
Jerusalem. On the fateful Sabbath of August 1929, when 67 Jews were massacred
he was in Jerusalem.
We spoke for over an hour, Mr. Ya’akov DeSoto and myself. He is a
Sfaradi Jew, with ancestors who were thrown out of Spain in 1492, moved to
Turkey, and from there to Israel. His story was very interesting - but the
most interesting part was as follows:
Mr. DeSoto told me that after the destruction of the Hebron Jewish Community
he became very influenced by leftist politics - so much so that he joined the
Communist Party. As a result of this he had to leave Jerusalem for Tel Aviv,
and eventually he moved to Haifa. He spent most of his life as a communist
activist - until very recently.
He told me that he wrote a letter to the Labor Party, resigning his
membership. He said, “There policies are beyond understanding.” “I can’t
understand how they could want to depart with Hebron.”
When I asked him about his present politics, he said, “I think that the real
pioneers are like the people here in Hebron - religious Zionists.” I asked
why and he answerer, “First of all, most of them have at least five or six
children. Also, the learn Torah. Maybe, as a result of their learning Torah,
we will merit the right to stay in Eretz Yisrael.”
I might add that Mr. DeSoto did not have a head-covering on his head
ie, he is not a religiously observant Jew.
But, he is aware, in spite of the last 65 years or so, of his Jewish
Heritage - his Jewish roots. He is aware of the importance of continuing and
enlarging the Jewish population in Israel, and he is aware that Jewish
heritage is based on the word of G-d - on the Bible, on the rights of the
Jewish People to the Land of Israel.
He told me that, in spite of his age, he spent the entire day touring
Jerusalem and Hebron. He even remembers where he lived in old Hebron - in the
Kasba, behind the Tombs of the Patriarchs. He came back to Hebron, to visit
and to show his solidarity with the present Jewish Community of Hebron.
He didn’t spend the evening in the hostile. A family with 10 children
hosted him for the night, giving him dinner and a place to sleep, and
listening to his stories.
This is the reason that Peres and Co. haven’t succeed - people like
Ya’akov DeSoto, who so long age went another way, in another direction,
eventually return - they come back to their roots. It may take some time -
perhaps a year, perhaps a generation - but the Jewish People, as a people,
will never relinquish their homeland - their roots. That is what the New Year
is all about - Returning - coming back. Returning has many implications,
there are many forms of repentence - but perhaps the most important is the
return to Eretz Yisrael - to the Heritage of Israel. Ya’akov DeSoto did so,
and so will others.
A new family has come to live with us in Hebron. It is now less than
2 hours before the advent of the New Year - I don’t have much time - but
enough to tell you that they have come straight from New York, - with two
children, to live in the heart of Hebron. People like themselves and people
like Ya’akov DeSoto are living proof - of the past and the present - that we
still have a future. We haven’t given up and we never will. That is the crux
of the New Year - Faith and action that have maintained the Jews through 2,000
years of exile and have brought us back to Eretz Yisrael. Israel is
synonymous with eternity.
Past - Present - Forever
Hebron - Jerusalem - Israel
Happy New Year from the City of the Patriarchs.

Monday, September 18, 1995

This Land is Our Land

I can remember back some 21 years ago, when I first came to Israel. At that
time I didn't know anything about anything: Israel was still, more or less, a
foreign country. At that time I had no intentions of making Aliyah; my mind
was set on studying law in the US. But I can distinctly remember during the
many conversations about the pros and cons of living in Israel, that the major
arguement against was: "I don't like the Israeli way of life, Israeli
politics, etc." My response was, at that time, in spite of my inclinations to
stay in the US, "If you don't like it, come here and change it."
Most people, of course, didn't buy it. Most of them went back to the
US and stayed there. But there are a few, perhaps only a handful, of people,
both Israeli ‘sabras' as well as those born abroad, who realize the secret of
living in Israel: The secret of DOING. People who realize and understand that
things can be changed, if you try hard enough.
Some of those people belong to an organization unheard of three years
ago. It was unheard of for the simple reason that it didn't yet exist.
However, with the rise to power of the Rabin-Peres-Arafat regime, the leaders
of ‘Zu Artzenu' - ‘This is Our Land', began to take action. They began to do.
The first major project undertaken by ‘Zu Artzenu' took place over a
year ago. Called ‘Mivtza Machpeel' or ‘Operation: Double', this nation-wide
operation had existing settlements "double" themselves, by occupying land
areas adjacent to the already populated settlements. This protest was
intended to stress a fact welknown by us, but ignored by many others: Eretz
Yisrael belongs to Am Yisrael - all of it! What is classified as "government
property" ie, Jewish land that has not yet been settled, (and which the
present Israeli regime plans on giving to the Arabs), is just as much a part
of Israel as are all settled areas.
Mivzta Machpeel made a lot of headlines, and made a point. Lately,
the organizers of Zu Artzenu have returned to the forefront. About a month
ago they organized a national protest by tying up traffic all over the
country. This scared the daylights out of Rabin and Co. The idea that a
small group of people could initiate a program that would effedctively close
up the county, even if only for a short period of time, was totally
unacceptable. So it was decided to treat Zu Artzenu activists as ‘rebels'.
The idea behind the Zu Artzenu programs is based on massive civil
disobedience. They do not operate in the underground. All meeting are held
in public buildings and are open to everyone. So there are no surprises.
Except perhaps, the mass support and participation that the people of Israel
have shown towards the organization.
This morning the Israeli police broke into the houses of Zu Artzenu
activists throughout the country. At 5:00AM a number of people found their
houses being bombarded by police, complete with Court Orders allowing them to
make full searches of their homes. Two of my friends, Rabbi Shalom Sar-el and
Kiryat Arba Councilman and school principal, Yehoshua Shani were abruptly
awoken by police who had come to search their homes. Not only were papers
taken, but computers were "searched" too. Five people were remanded for
further questioning and later arrested, because of the data banks that were
found on their computers. Among those arrested were the leader of Zu Artzenu
Moshe Feiglan and Kiryat Arba's Yehoshua Shani. They could have been released
had they signed statements agreeing to appear for further questioning, should
it be required. However, on principal they refused to cooperate. Therefore,
they were arrested and are being held in jail until a court hearing is
Why did the police (government) decide to hit Zu Artzenu this morning?
Ver simply because they are scared. Tonight, at exactly 7:10, all Israeli's
who are against the ‘piece plan' and are in favor of Eretz Yisrael, are
requested to turn on all the electrical appliances in their homes and leave
then on for ten minutes. At exactly 7:20, they are requested to turn off all
the electricity in their homes via their master circuit breaker switch. ("The
government policies are leaving us in the dark.") The electricity is to be
left off for ten minutes. At exactly 7:30, all the electricity is to be
switched on for an additional ten minutes. Then we will hear from the
electric company how many people participated in the evening's event.
Needless to say, we expect massive support from all over the country.
As I began this article, I finish it. Small groups of people CAN do
something. They can organize national events, and make the government
flip-flop, not knowing what to expect next. These people are doing their
utmost to help save Eretz Yisrael and Am Yisrael and for that they deserve a
lot of credit

Saturday, September 16, 1995

Oh Say Can You See

Hebron-Past, Present and Forever
Oh Say Can You See
September 16, 1995

Flag-mania has hit Hebron. International news crews are aiming their cameras
at the Kordova Girls School, located directly across the street from Beit
Hadassah and Beit Schneerson in the center of Hebron. The reason for the
attention: a "palestinian flag" raised on the roof of the building by its
present occupants.
For the last week or so flag ping-pong has bounced the colored cloth
up and down the flagpole. First, a few facts. At the end of last week it was
reported that ‘settlers' had attacked and beat Palestinian school girls. This
"unprovoked attack" was denounced by the American government. What really
happened? Very simply - the girls from the school decided to hold a special
"parade" down the main street of Hebron, through the Beit Hadassah
neighborhood. One of our good neighbors from Kiryat Arba, present at the
time, saw a big palestinian flag waving in the air, and removed it. He also
made a little bit of noise in the process, speaking his mind to the girls
carrying the flag. The girls, stripped of their flag, and it seems, also of
their bravery, panicked and began running every which way, including into each
other. The resulting news reports were that settlers had beat the girls. So
much for objective reporting.
Several days before this, on the same day that 13 Likud Knesset
members visited Hebron, Abraham Avinu neighborhood residents found a
palestinian flag adorning the skyline several meters away from their
buildings. The flag was atop a Waqf office building, adjacent to the
neighborhood. (The Waqf is the religious-political arm of Islam - they
control, among other places, Temple Mount in Jerusalem and to a great degree,
Ma'arat HaMachpela in Hebron.) The flag flew over the building all day. Only
that evening was it "mysteriously" removed and burned. So far it hasn't
On Tuesday of this week following the reappearance of the flag over
the Kordova school, and its abrupt removal by "unidentified" perpetrators, MK
David Zucker from the Meretz Party, visited the area. He told reporters that
the "settlers are the ugly side of Israel" and encouraged the principal of the
school. He told her to keep flying the flag.
What is official Israeli policy concerning palestinian flags? Private
citizens are "allowed" to fly flags, but they may not be flown over public
buildings. Major General Ilan Biran (who, in the past has not been known as a
"good friend" of Hebron, but has as of late, began changing his tune) has
specifically issued an order forbidding that the flag be flown from the school
On Wednesday the flag made its grand appearance, once again, in the
morning. This time, MK Shaul Guttman, formerly of Moledet, assisted in
removing it. Havoc broke loose. Soldiers, police, Arabs and Jews appeared on
the scene. Two young policewomen attempted to arrest one of the Jewish women
who had participated in removing the flag. She resisted, and ran away. When
they finally caught up with her and handcuffed her, MK Guttman snapped the
second handcuff on himself. When they both disappeared, the police had to
arrest someone else in her place, so they found another victim. She was
arrested and charged with beating police and clawing them. (I can attest -
she has almost no finger nails and is about 5 feet tall, maybe. - Extremely
I also spent the day in the police station. Why? In the middle of the
ruckus, an Arab appeared, carrying what looked like an eleven or twelve-year
old girl in his arms. She had been "attacked and injured" during the
struggle. She was so "seriously" injured that an ambulance was requested.
After she had been prepared for the journey to the hospital (less than five
minutes away) another young "victim" appeared on the site. She also needed
"immediate, emergency" medical attention. When the ambulance driver finally
finished preparing the two "victims of the peace process" he found that the
keys to the ambulance were missing. Not wanting to admit his negligence, he
pointed his finger at someone in the crowd - "There he is - he stole the
keys." And the thief was, none other than, yours truly. Several police
surrounded me and demanded the keys. I told them that I didn't know what they
were talking about, but of course, the word of an Arab against a Jew is the
epitome of truth. So, I was searched, (twice if I recall correctly). After
not finding the missing keys, I was ordered remanded for further investigation
and taken to the Hebron Police Station. There I was held, with three other
men, from 11:45 until about 5:30 that evening. I spent the day talking to
several policemen whose feelings for Rabin, Peres and Co. are harsher (if that
can be imagined) than mine. At 5:30PM a policeman asked for my name, id card
number and address, and sent me home. I wasn't questioned, warned, or
released on bail. Very simply sent home. I have the impression that they
didn't know why I was being held. I was never accused of anything nor was I
told specifically why I was being held. So rather than working that day, I
spent the day in the company of the men in blue.
Of course on Thursday it happened again. This time the police and
soldiers took things into their own hands and removed the flag before anyone
else had the opportunity. The results of that were demonstrations by about 60
Arabs on the street in front of Beit Hadassah and by Beit Romano, the home of
Yeshivat Shavei Hebron. Both demonstrations were broken up by security

Why do we make such a big deal over the flag? Is it really worth all
the trouble? The palestinian flag represents two major fronts which we will
not compromise with. First, it represents foreign sovereignty in Hebron.
Hebron is a Jewish city, the first Jewish City, and it is an integral part of
the State of Israel. We totally reject any display of foreign sovereignty in
our city.
The flag also represents terrorism, blood and murder. The flag
represents an institution which comprises terrorists who have, in the past,
proclaimed that the Jews must be "thrown into the sea." They have murdered
and continue to murder. They wipe their hands of Jewish blood on their flag.

While it is true that it is almost impossible for us to remove all of
the palestinian flags in the city or throughout Yesha, we see no reason to
allow them to be flown in front of our noses in the middle of our
neighborhoods. Any acceptance on our part of the palestinian flag in
neighborhoods where we live is tantamount to acceptance of palestinian
sovereignty in Hebron. This will never happen.

Wednesday, September 6, 1995

The Ways of the Righteous

Hebron-Past, Present and Forever
The Ways of the Righteous
September 6, 1995

If yesterday I wrote about Satan dressed up as humans, today I am obligated to speak about the other side. And there is another side.
A half hour ago I came home from an unbelievably joyous occasion -
happy for several reasons: 1. A wedding in Hebron is always a festive event;
2. This wedding took place in the courtyard directly outside the Caves of the
Patriarchs, attended by about 1,000 guests; 3. The wedding was that of Kfir
Katzover and his new bride Orit. Kfir is the son of Kiryat Arba Mayor Zvi
Katzover. 4.The special guest of honor was none other than Ariel Sharon, who
made a special trip to Hebron for the wedding.
Zvi Katzover has been mayor of Kiryat Arba for the past five plus
years. He has had to deal with some of the most complicated issues one can
possibly imagine. From the ‘intifada' to murderous terrorist attacks, from
the government's policy of ‘let's dry them up' and ‘give them back to the
Arabs' to the Baruch Goldstein affair, Zvi has had to function. And he has
done so with overwhelming success. That success can be measured by the
results of the local elections held in Kiryat Arba several months ago. Zvi
received 80% of the popular vote for Mayor, and his list for the town council
won six of nine seats. And if one takes into account the political
divergences among the Kiryat Arba population, made up of about 6,000 citizen,
consisting of Jews of every background possible, this is truly amazing.
Before entering politics Zvi spent most of his waking hours in Hebron.
One of the first people to reenter Hebron, Zvi opened up the popular ‘Jewish
Settlers' Restaurant and Gift Shop', outside Ma'arat HaMachpela. Before the
beginning of the ‘intifada' Zvi employed seven employees on a regular basis,
selling not only souvenirs, but also dealing with fine jewelry and precious
stones. One of his veteran workers told me that even during the dry spells,
Zvi refused to fire employees. They would sit in the store, drinking coffee
or tea, playing backgammon. The dry spells always ended, and the visitors
arrived, that is, until the intifada drastically cut back tourist visits to
the area.
Today, Zvi's building has been taken over by the Jewish Community of
Hebron and is being transformed into a guest house. And Zvi is Mayor of
Kiryat Arab. Tonight Zvi and his wife Yehudit married their first son, under
the stars, by Ma'arat HaMachpela. Over 100 tables, colored lights, a band,
and hundreds of people, singing and dancing, filled the courtyard outside the
Caves of the Patriarchs. Such an unbelievable sight, just overwhelming. Zvi
and Yehudit Katzover brought people from all over the country to celebrate in
Hebron, the city of the Patriarchs. In Hebrew we call this a ‘Kiddush HaShem'
or a Sanctification of the Divine Name. There is no stronger way to express
our connection to a location than by celebrating there - exhibiting our
happiness publicly, for all to see. And believe me, it was well seen.
Something like this is very hard to ignore. The Arabs, the police, the
soldiers, everyone, they all saw and heard Jews singing and dancing and
celebrating the birth of a new couple, the beginnings of a new family, in the
middle of Hebron.

The Guest of Honor was, as I mentioned earlier, Ariel Sharon. This man is
truly amazing. He was in Hebron last Friday morning with MK Moshe Peled, to
show support for the Jewish Community in the city. He arrives in Hebron time
after time, bringing with him visitors from all over the world. Some of them,
like Australian Chabad Rabbi Joseph Gutnick, have become major supporters of
the Hebron Jewish Community. Rabbi Gutnick has contributed to both the guest
house and also to the reconstruction efforts of Yeshivat Shavei Hebron, housed
in Beit Romano. The Yeshiva presently claims a student body of 200 pupils.
When the construction is finished, the building will be able to house five
hundred Torah Scholars. And Arik Sharon is largely responsible for this.
Sharon is one of the few people around today who is willing to speak
the truth. Tonite, for instance, he said: "If the Arabs want to live with us
together, they can. It isn't easy, but it can be done. But only if they
realize that the Jews are here to stay. If they want to live with us, fine,
but if they think they can push us into a corner, there is a limit as to how
far they'll be able to go. If they push too hard they must realize that it
won't be the Jews that will no longer be in Hebron - it will be them that will
be forced to leave."
Referring to comments made that too many soldiers have to protect such
a ‘small' number of Jews in Hebron, Sharon replied: "First of all, Hebron
isn't just four or five hundred Jews. Kiryat Arba is Hebron too. Kiryat Arba
and Hebron are one. But aside from that, the army isn't here just to protect
the Jews in Hebron. They are here because of the Jewish Cemetery, containing
graves of Jews that lived here hundreds of years ago. The army is here
because this is the city where King David ruled for seven years before
settling Jerusalem. This land, today called Tel Rumeida, should always be in
Jewish hands. The army must be here because of Beit Hadassah and Beit Kastel
and Beit Hasson, the army must be here because of the Jewish Quarter and the
Avraham Avinu Synagogue. And of course, because of the Caves of the
Patriarchs. Who can imaging that the Caves of the Patriarchs will not be in
Jewish hands?!"
Mentioning government plans to redeploy, Arik Sharon declared: "I hope
that the government will not remove the army from Hebron. But if they do,
they should know that hundreds of volunteers will come here to help protect
the Jews that live in the City of the Patriarchs".
Ariel Sharon has made mistakes in the past, but I don't know of too
many people that haven't. Today, he is, in my book, a true hero. He isn't
afraid of the truth and he isn't afraid to speak the truth. Most politicians
act like they are walking on eggs - Arik doesn't. He says what has to be said,
and more importantly, he acts - he does. He is a doer. In the Israeli
vernacular, he is a bulldozer. And credit should be given, where credit is
In the past I have advertised fax numbers, with requests that you
demonstrate solidarity with Hebron via fax protests. Today I request the
opposite. Please fax Zvi Katzover, Mayor of Kiryat Arba, with a letter of
Mazal Tov - good wishes on the marriage of his son Kfir. Tell him how happy
you are the wedding was conducted by the walls of Ma'arat HaMachpela in the
center of Hebron. And fax Arik Sharon, wishing him well, and expressing your
support of his many activities for Hebron. Even people like Ariel Sharon like
to know that they are appreciated. And Arik deserves our whole-hearted
appreciation. As does Zvi Katzover.
Fax Ariel Sharon at: 972-2-753896
Fax Zvi Katzover at: 972-2-9964277