Friday, September 5, 2008

Looking for a better place in Hell

Elul 5, 5768, 9/5/2008

Looking for a better place in Hell

We must not, ever ever forget, that the main course is ALL OF ERETZ YISRAEL
Lately I've received a number of emails, all labeled urgent, dealing with 'secret talks' between Israel and our enemies. The idea was to forward them to as many people as possible, ASAP. The subject line read something like, "Jerusalem is on the table."

Of course the issues are critical, but with all due modesty, let me repeat a few elementary lessons concerning Israeli diplomacy.

At least since Oslo, which exploded with the force of a few nuclear warheads, we cannot afford ourselves the luxury of acting the role of innocent bystanders. Unfortunately, there are still those, sometimes wearing masks and costumes of politicians, pretending to be leaders, who will proclaim, 'when the 'core issues' like Jerusalem come up for negotiations we will leave the coalition, and presently we have assurances from the Prime Minister that these issues are not being dealt with.' Nonsense. As if they don't know.

It's never fun to be a 'dark prophet', always espousing black predictions. But today these cannot even be defined as predictions. Anyone with even the dullest perceptions comprehends what's going on.

Where do we stand? Olmert is on his way out. Either via indictment, or primaries, or an act of G-d, he's finished. Except for one problem. He wants to take the ship down with him. It's called reversion, a degeneration to the days of old. One of the first examples were the draconian expulsion orders issued a few weeks ago to three young men in the Shomron. As a rule, Israeli medicine doesn't practice too much preventative medicine; it's considered to be too expensive. But Israel does apply what might be called 'preventative crime.' I should add, 'selective preventative crime.' Crime of the highest order. Preventing possible disturbances while Arabs harvest grapes. The presence of these three men anywhere in Judea and Samaria might endanger the 'peace' of the area.

(But of course when it comes to allowing the most extreme elements of the Israeli left to demonstrate in Hebron, inciting Arabs against Jewish residents of the city, thereby endangering theirs lives, well, that's another story.)

The orders were signed by General Gadi Shamni, commander of the central region, but were undoubtedly initiated by higher-ups, in the ranks of the defense and intelligence offices. And they are certainly only the beginning.

The news seems to be overflowing like a geyser. Barak is talking about the neighborhoods in East Jerusalem as parts of the capital of the Palestinian state. Yesterday we learned how generous Barak really is. Permitting electricity in Beit HaShalom, not under any circumstances. But allowing the terrorists another 1,000 rifles and ammunition, no problem. And Olmert, together with his best friend (criminals tend to hang out together) Haim Ramon, is expected to discuss Pinui – Pitzui – the expulsion-compensation edict decreed on Gush Katif, but this time around, concerning those of us living in Judea and Samaria. The maiden saint of Kadima is opposed; no, not opposed to the concept, rather that such a discussion can only occur following establishment of final borders. Great!

The maiden saint's shadow and primary opposition also opposes; the entire discussion weakens Israel's position. Which position? What negotiations, Mr. Mufaz?

And the Likud? Can we dare believe anything they say during the current pre-election era?

(There are a few people with brains in the Middle East, like Syrian president Bashar Assad, who cancelled the next round of Israel-Syria Golan-abandonment talks due to the 'political situation' in Israel. If only he was a member of the Israeli cabinet!)

But the real problem has yet to be addressed. It's not the renewed pinui-pitzui (expulsion-compensation) discussion, and it's not the division of Jerusalem, or even Olmert's mighty attempts to reach an initialed agreement with Babu-Mazen prior to the upcoming Kadima primaries.

It's not that Jerusalem isn't on the table; it is. It's not that Judea and Samaria aren't on the table; they are. But they are appetizers and first course. We must not, ever ever forget, that the main course is ALL OF ERETZ YISRAEL. This is what they want, and they're not bashful about it.

I have a map, purchased in the Hebron Casbah, which is a map of 'palestine.'

From north to south, east to west, all of the State of Israel, all of Eretz Yisrael = palestine. This is what they want and this is what they intend to get, and we continue to play into their hands.

There's no need to search for secret piece talks, with Babu Mazen, Assad, or anyone else. It's an ever present aspect of our reality. The way it is. And the person still conducting the orchestra is Ehud Olmert.

Olmert would like nothing better than to leave office in a blaze of glory: an agreement with the Fatah element of the PA, with Syria, and who knows, maybe he really is conducting secret talks, with none other than Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad!?

With all that, I must admit that what really bothers me about Olmert is his incredible chutzpa, to initiate discussions for expulsion-compensation from Yosh only days prior to conclusion of his catastrophic premiership. There is almost across-the-board agreement that the abandonment of Gush Katif was a disastrous error. Many too many of the almost 10,000 people tossed from their homes and jobs are still homeless and jobless. Yet Olmert and some of his friends want to go it again. Impossible to fathom.


There is an explanation. Olmert was one of the primary authors and backers of the Gush Katif fiasco. His decisions during the Second Lebanon War cost Israeli lives. He is about to be indicted for repulsive crimes committed as a 'public servant.'

All this totals a spacious room in deepest, darkest grottos of the next world. But this doesn't seem to be enough for him. He's simply looking for a bigger, better place in Hell.

Looking for a better place in Hell