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CPT - Squalor on the Face of the Earth

CPT is the abbreviated name of Christian Peacekeeping Teams. This
primarily Mennonite group ends each of its internet postings with the
following signature:

'CPT Hebron has maintained a violence reduction presence in Hebron since
June of 1995 at the invitation of the Hebron Municipality.'

Hebron Municipality = Arab Mayor Mustepha Natsche

What does CPT really stand for? On February 18, they posted the following:
"CPT calls on Christians committed to stop hostility towards Iraqi people
to wear ribbons with the words FOOD NOT MISSILES inscribed on them.The
ribbons will signify our faith that food for people in Iraq rather than
missiles represents the deepest will of God."

Blatant, official support for Saddam Hussein.

Members of CPT have been arrested and imprisoned in the United States
following violent and illegal demonstrations.

These people preach peace and non-violence. In fact, they implement the
exact opposite.

Fact: Art Gish from AthensOhio was detained in Hebron for attempting to
aid a Palestinian terrorist who had just stabbed a 14 year old Jewish girl.
According to eye witnesses, he stepped on the knife used in the attack in
order to hide the evidence from the IDF.

Fact: A number of CPT members have been deported and/or denied entry into
Israel. Others have been arrested for participating in violent
confrontations with the Israeli Defense Forces and other Israeli security

How impartial is CPT? Last June, CPT member Kathleen Kern was interviewed
by IMRA's Aaron Lerner. An excerpt:

IMRA: Do the current disturbances, with rock, firebomb, and bomb throwing,
fall into this category (of supporting non-violent protests)? Kern: No.
There is not a lot we can do but watch. IMRA: What are you doing to stop
this violence? Kern: We are not set up to deal with the sort of things that
have been happening in the market. It is much easier to work on STRUCTURAL
VIOLENCE like land confiscation and the demolition of houses. IMRA: Have
you thought of trying to influence the local population.? Kern: It would be
patronizing for us to come in and say "we want to develop you.The roots of
violence, what is happening in the market place, reflects the underlying

What do these people spend their days doing? Adorned in red baseball hats,
they walk the streets of Hebron, looking for trouble. They have even begun
giving 'tours' of Hebron to unsuspecting Christian groups, spreading their
venomous duplicity. History takes a back seat to falsehood - Jewish
property is 'occupied Arab land.'

On April 18, 1998, THE DAY BEFORE Dov Dribin was murdered, CPT members
visited Arabs living in the vicinity of Maon. They posted an article
specifically mentioning and vilifying Dov Dribin.

On April 26 they posted:
"Another visitor in the hospital room shared some of the following details.
Ahmed, a Palestinian from Yatta was travelling near the area last Sunday.
He reported that he left the car and walked along the rocky goat paths of
the grazing land. Driben and the other injured settler had already been
lifted by helicopter and taken to a hospital in Beersheba. Dabadseh was
lying motionless on the ground and bleeding from bullet wounds to his
chest, below his right shoulder, and in his right arm. Israeli soldiers,
police and settler security paid no attention to Dabadseh. Ahmed picked up
the injured Dabadseh and put him on one of the many donkeys that were
nearby. As he put it, "I stole him from the soldiers so I could take him
to the hospital"

On May 1, they posted the following:
Hebron: A Short Concise Background

"Since the early 1980s, this quiet land of shepherds has become dotted with
Israeli settlements. These settlements are built and subsidized by the
government of Israel in arrogant disregard for international law, under
which they are illegal. They are built on Palestinian land confiscated by
the Israeli Defense Force (IDF, the army). Recently 100 families in the
area were given eviction notices by the IDF to make room for more
settlements. Israelis living in these settlements that look more like
military camps than residential communities are well armed and given free
reign by the IDF to terrorize the local Palestinians. For years the most
infamous of these settlers has been Dov Dribin. We have heard countless
first hand accounts of Dov's brutality, including two execution style
murders in which he tied the hands of his victims before shooting them.
Dov and the other settlers in this area have romantic visions of themselves
as cowboys, claiming the land for Israel and exterminating the "savages"
who inhabit it.

On April 19, Dov and several others blocked a group of unarmed Palestinians
who were trying to get to their fields. According to eye witness accounts,
Dov and one of the Palestinian farmers began to struggle. Dov yelled to
one of his settler friends, "Shoot him! Shoot him!". The settler shot,
missed the Palestinian and killed Dov."

Of course, the libelous allegations in these reports are pure,
unadulterated lies.

1. Dov Dribin never killed anyone - he was never
investigated, indicted, or tried for murder.

2. Dov Dribin was shot at least five times in the chest and once in the
head. He was not shot by one of his friends. He was murdered by an Arab who
grabbed a weapon from one of Dov's friends. Dov was unarmed and was known
not to carry a weapon.

3. Eye witnesses at the scene of the murder have given detailed accounts of
what actually happened. No Arab was left lying, bleeding, in the field. All
the Arabs involved fled, including those who claim to have been shot.

4. The community of Maon was legally established by the Israeli government
over a decade ago. The small farm being developed by Dov Dribin and his
friends is located on land officially belonging to the State of Israel. Dov
and his friends were never asked, or ordered to evacuate the farm.

5. In the vicinity of the murder, there are not any "Arab fields."

6. International law disallows the use of murder and terrorism, the likes
of which have been perpetrated against Israelis by Arabs in all parts of
the country, including Judea and Samaria. CPT seems to have forgotten this.

7. International law does not prohibit Jews from living on their own land
in Eretz Yisrael.

Under a guise of 'violence reduction presence' this group of anti-Semitic
Israel-haters continues to incite Arabs in Hebron, and in the Hebron area,
against Israelis living here. This incitement may very well have been
instrumental in Dov Dribin's murder. Those responsible should be arrested
and imprisoned. As for the others, it is time for Israeli security and
legal forces to take all measures necessary to evict this squalor from
Hebron and from Israel before they do any more damage.

In the mean time, anyone desiring to express opinions directly to CPT is
invited to write to them at: (Christian Peacemaker Teams,
Chicago, IL).

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