Thursday, September 13, 2001

Uncle Muhammad (Part Two)

Uncle Muhammad (Part Two)
September 13, 2001

For the past 24 hours I've been debating with myself. Not what to write, 
that is very clear. The question was when to write it. And I've concluded
that the time is now.

I've been listening and watching MSNBC internet audio/video news. All day
the commentators have been quoting major newspaper headlines, which say, "This is war." According to a poll taken following the attacks, 84% of the population agrees to the definition of Tuesday's destruction as "war."

No one can doubt that such massive devastation is war. Yet it must be
understood who is the victim. Yesterday's attacks are an attempt, not only
to influence the United States politically, not only to bring the United
States to its knees, rather, the hostilities were an attempt by Islamic
fundamentalism to traumatize the entire world, creating a vulnerability
leading to an international Islamic revolution.

This is nothing new. Islamic fundamental leaders have been publicly
pointing in this direction for years. On July 18, 1997 I published the
following article called "Uncle Muhammad" (slightly abbreviated here):
"The following are excerpts from the weekly Friday sermon delivered by
Palestinian Authority [PA] appointed "Mufti of Jerusalem and Palestine"
Sheikh Ekrima Sabri, at the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount in
Jerusalem on July 11, 1997.

The sermon was broadcast on the PA's official radio station, Voice of

"Oh Allah, destroy America, for she is ruled by Zionist Jews...

"Allah will paint the White House black! Clinton is fulfilling his
father's will to identify with Israel...

"The Muslims say to Britain, to France and to all the infidel nations that
Jerusalem is Arab. We shall not respect anyone else's wishes regarding
her. The only relevant party is the Islamic nation, which will not allow
infidel nations to interfere...

"The homes the Jews are building will become Arab property, with Allah's

"Allah shall take revenge on behalf of his prophet against the colonialist
settlers who are sons of monkeys and pigs....Forgive us, Muhammad, for the
acts of these sons of monkeys and pigs, who sought to harm your sanctity."

Why we haven't heard any reaction from the American powers-that-be, or by Israeli leaders, including the Prime Minister, the President of the State
and the Chief Rabbi, condemning the Arab Mufti of Jerusalem. Why hasn't
Arafat called up both the American President, as well as American Jewish
leaders and Israeli Rabbi's apologizing for the insults against the United
States, Israel and Jews? Why isn't the world media, including CNN,
screaming about Islamic incitement. Perhaps they don't believe, or accept
the verdict blaming Islamic fundamental terrorists for blowing up the World
Trade Center and planning other acts of violence against Americans in the
United States. Or perhaps they have forgotten. Or just don't want to
remember. It is easier to always blame the Jews, rather than upset the Arabs.

The time has come, once and for all, for all Americans, as well as Israelis,
to realize that the rejection of Jews is not limited to a presence in
Hebron - it includes any Jewish presence everywhere in Israel. And the time
has come for the Western world to realize that fundamental Islam rejects
any and all organized religions which do not accept Muhammad. In other
words, all Jews and Christians fall into the category of infidels. The
`sons of monkeys and pigs' spoken about by the Mufti includes not only
Jewish settlers - it includes all who read, and all those who refuse to
read, these words.

The hypocrisy expressed by America, so blatantly apparent, is eventually
going to boomerang and fly back into the face of the United States.
Fundamental Islam is making unbelievable headway in the religious freedom
of the United States. But Americans should all know that fundamentalists
look to the Jerusalem Mufti as their leader too and the fact is that no
one is refuting his words.

The Mufti of Jerusalem, in 1929, was Amin el-Husseini - Fiesel
el-Husseini's uncle. His incitement led to the massacre of 67 Jews in
Hebron and the expulsion of the survivors from the city. Dozens of Jews
throughout Israel were killed and wounded that same August day, as a result of the Mufti's incitement and his call to murder.

Sheikh Ekrima Sabri, today's Mufti, is widening his borders. He is inciting
against the President of the United States and the American population. He
wants to paint the White House black.

"Oh Allah, destroy America, for she is ruled by Zionist Jews..."

And I say, Oh America - Beware of Uncle Muhammad!

On Tuesday, fundamental Islamic leaders succeeded in ?painting the White
House black.?

Will the lesson be learned? Will the United States and the nations of
the world get the message? Will they understand that anyone who legitimizes terror on someone else's home court will find himself slapped in the face, a million-fold?

For an entire year we have cried out, again and again, that Arafat is
utilizing terror for political gains. The United States response has
consistently been "restraint, restraint, restraint." How many times have
American leaders told our Prime Minister, "You must restrain yourselves for
the sake of peace."

Will the State Department spokesman now explain to the American people
that, "for the sake of peace, to prevent escalation, the United States
cannot and will not strike at the perpetrators of this horrible crime
against humanity?" Is Arab, Arafat-initiated terrorism against Jews a
legitimate form of "freedom-fighting", whereas terrorism against the United
States is an act of war?

America, beware of Uncle Muhammad or he will strike again!

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